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Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO record

Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO reco...

On March 25, 2022, Venom PKO’s $5 million guaranteed deal was announced, and the price was reduced by $0.0.1 to $0.0.1. ¡

New Record

The strategy of expanding Venom Heat’s direct satellite network has fully proven itself. As a result, Venom received 2,872 entries:

The $5 million guaranteed Venom PKO in March 2022 will include a prize pool of $7,180,000.

Of course, that’s only $20,000 more than a year ago, but nearly $1.4 million more than last time.

Final Table

Contest. Anton “adrianok20” Kotlyar exits the tournament in 14th place ($19k + 25.5k per day). The top 8 is traditionally dominated by Americans (5 players).

The most famous of these is WPN Ambassador Rob “Pokerguru740” Kuhn (3 players). The main European director at this table is Daniel “SmileThHero” Smilkovic (6 chips).

Shortstop “DUKEofMORONGO” was the first to leave the game, and his next two outs were both out of the hand. Vengrii “Keleman” vyigral threesomed preflop all-in with KQ protiv 66 and AK, poker player poluchiv nuzhny damu River.

Kuhn played very well, but before the first break he pushed 18NTBs A8 from the big blind in “Naimui” U-Chiplockalsirn, Rob ended up not seeing an A on the table case failed.

Smiljkovic only cracked the top 5 when his stack was reduced to 8NT: after two wins, you don’t have to say “DLAZ” and “one” if you don’t want to say “one”.

Both players entered the battle with deep stacks of 46.6 and “one plus one” with 39 and 56B. Meanwhile, the Moroccan immediately took the initiative and kept extending his chip lead.

In the final hand of the night, he showed what he can do. “SmileThHero” check-called with 78 crosses, flopped 37A for second pair, and called a small rebet. An 8 on the turn further strengthened the European’s hand, and his bet had been met with a flush. After careful consideration, the opponent tied the score with JJ and got one of two outs on the river.

Venom PKO 2022, with a guaranteed transaction amount of US$5 million, is sold under the brand “oneplusone”. His bonus was $814,498.

Unfortunately, he is the least known contestant in this final. You’ll have to wait until the final table to find out who he is.

Payments to other players:

What’s next?

Before WPN, players can look forward to a year of Venom and another classic format PKO in the fall. Of course, the biggest challenge awaits the organizers at the hottest time of the year, when they will once again announce raarant raa0.ntya 0. Recall that in the winter a similar event took place for the first time, covering half a million dollars.

This time, only the Venom thermal satellite has been updated to cover the warranty. This time, the channel may have to increase the number of launch days and choose to announce it in advance.

It’s possible that unconventional measures will be taken to drum up interest in Venom. We’ll find out in about a month.

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Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO reco...

Alex Foxen retaliates over job, demands huge gamble and pays out $426 million

Alex Foxen retaliates over job, demands huge gambl...

The Foxes meet again in the finals of the High Roller Championship. The “rematch” took place just days after Christian’s win in the PGT Kickoff. Alex didn’t suffer any bad losses this time, winning Event 31: US$25,500 NL Hold’e at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open, boosting his bankroll by $426,075, while Kristen took home $117,325. four.

In the first four weeks of 2024 alone, they have a total of 9 FTs, 2 Championships, and $650,000 in prize money.

To win the championship, Alex must complete a FT. There are seven other MTT stars, including Kevin Rabichaud. Kristen’s old enemy also sent Belgian player Thomas Boivin, who took first place in the heads-up, but Alex made a huge comeback.

In the last hand, the dealer turned over the A♣ card and it turned out to be ♥7♥4♣9♥. Alex announced that he was all-in, holding J-J in his hand. Rabichow thought carefully and finally chose the Q♥J♣ hero.

Event 31 features 50 entries and a prize pool of $1,235,000. Here are the prizes each finalist received:

1. Alex Fox (USA) $426,075

2. Kevin Rabichow (USA) $284,050

3. Thomas Boivin (Belgium) $172,900

4. Christine Fox (Canada) $117,325

5. Justin Saliba (USA) $80,275

6. Viktor Ustimov (Russia) $61,750

7. Anton Weger (Sweden) $49,400

8. Stoyan Madanzhiev (Bulgaria) $43,225

Alex Foxen retaliates over job, demands huge gambl...

Victor Pertile to serve as MundoTV commentator for KSOP SA

At the peak of his career, Victor Pertile will bec...

KSOP GGPoker South America will start this month, but there is still time to announce a lot of news. Today’s news has to do with the broadcast of face-up cards, which is a delight: to further enhance the content for viewers, MundoTV relies on a well-known commentator on the scene: Victor Pertile.

At the peak of his career, after a year of great success and huge profits, the professional accepted a new challenge and will now be part of a team that will make this event a An unforgettable experience for all visitors and followers. This heavyweight new addition to the MundoTV team will take live streaming to the next level and impart his technical knowledge in a very didactic manner.

“The career of a poker player is funny: one day you start asking them to choose your career and hope to do well enough to appear in the poker media. Over time you will have established yourself Heels, your results are going to be news. And then another day goes by and you’re sitting on the other side of the table commenting on your friend’s moves. It’s fun,” the pro summed up his career so far.

Pertile is excited Being able to be a part of it all: “I’ve always identified with Mundo Poker, and I really liked the editorial line of the site, so much so that I have some good friends who are part of this great company. When I got the invitation to join When the broadcast team came on as commentators, my heart skipped a beat and it didn’t take long for me to accept it,” he said.

The same goes for Victor Pertile’s new challenge as a caster and another very cool result: “Today I am in the best phase of my career as a player and I love the KSOP GGPoker Tour, So it was not easy.” “I decided to move to the other side of the screen. But it was a great opportunity and my mother’s dream to see me commentating on games. My mother’s dream had to come true,” he explained.

At the peak of his career, Victor Pertile will bec...

Reviews of the main event

Reviews of the main event

“Hey guys. Are you OK? After a short break, I’m back to write the final part of this section.As I write this, BSOP Millions has ended. I played the main event and even made it to the second day, but everything was normal and there’s no need to go into detail here, so I’ll summarize my short journey in the main event. Well, my table has very few players. The benefit of this is that you can win small pots and maintain a healthy stack. The downside is that you probably won’t get very big in the first few levels unless you have some coolers. I won some small pots but lost some big pots.The only interesting hand at the end of the day was against the chip leader on the table, who hit everything and had over 150 BBS.In this hand, he started with a small raise from UTG, SB called, I defended BB with Jh7h and got 15 BBS. The flop came 10♠8♥7♠ and everyone checked.The turn card was 3 and after SB called, I decided to bet, believing that I had the best hand and protecting it since the UTG range had many high hands like AK, AQ, KJ, KQ including, JQ. I put 1.5 BB (maybe I should make it a little bigger, but I’m considering extracting this hand). UTG called and SB folded.The river card was a 9♣, giving me a straight. Here I had to make a decision, there were about 10 BBS in the pot and about 13 BBS in my stack. In my opinion, I can’t get value out of a hand where UTG checks and then calls. If he had JQ, he would give up everything and still eliminate me. I decided to call, giving him the opportunity to use his huge stack to pressure me, as he would bluff anything worthless and would rarely check, as most hands that can be checked will at some point Appear. He thought about it and went all-in. I immediately called and he showed KQ. After winning the pot, I entered Day 2 with 23 BBS (35,000 chips), less than my starting stack. Given the excellent structure of the tournament (one and a half hour blinds on day two), this won’t be a problem. But unfortunately, the next day didn’t last more than 30 minutes for me. On the first hand, UTG+1 raised and I went all-in with BTN with 8♠8♣. He folded and I took the pot. On the next round, the table folded to me, gave BTN, and I made a small raise with 99. The BB is pretty big and makes me go all-in. My stack was almost the same as when I started the day, so I called. He showed KQ and the flop had brought Q, which sent him home. Sideline Cash GamesI was still playing in the R$500 Half Mile tournament, but during the tournament some friends asked me to play the 5 Card Omaha cash game on the GGPoker app Club GG. There are four of us playing together, me, Eduardo Silva (“Eduardo850”), Peter Patrício (“pitaoufmg”) and Lucas Pegoraro, one of the owners of b2xbet. In the end, I quickly got rid of Meia Milha with two pretty normal hands, losing a lot of chips on KK vs. a straight, and then losing 10 on the flop vs. a straight. When I focused on the money, things went smoothly and I ended up winning 16,000 reais. I ended up losing a R$6,000 pot with a set against a runner-up flush, and then two more R$8,000 pots with a three-bet against a full hand and a trip against a straight. . I still ended up winning R$4,100, which had saved me the buy-in for the Main Event. Melancholic endingWell, I had other matches on the schedule like 6-Max, Meia Milha, and the mini-main event, but as fate would have it, my last match of the night was at Turbo KO. With a buy-in of R$ 1,500, a very fast structure, and a knockout bonus of R$ 500, I played very nervously because, as I mentioned in my last article, Turbo KO tournaments are crazy. However, it was one of the worst races I’ve ever been to in my life. Technically, I made at least two critical mistakes that cost me a lot of money and my sanity in continuing to play the series.The first mistake occurred after playing JJ x AQ against a player who had just sat down at the table. He only had 5 BBS left and started going all out in the dark. When his BBS dropped to 20, he continued with the same strategy. Since I wasn’t looking closely at the table, I couldn’t tell in the dark that it was still all-in. I ended up folding the A9, which would have been a pretty easy decision. Not only would I eliminate him (with T7), but I would also eliminate the other players who entered the pot.Well, I still had a good stack and he kept going all-in in the dark. A samba player to my left ended up fighting him, hitting a river card and winning big. Then it was my turn and I had to triple push him with another empty hand. I have AQ, he has 72o, and shorts have QTo. I eliminated the shorts and he was left with 4,100 chips in the 800/1,600 blinds. I was second in chips at the table, behind only the samba player. The next hand I played was UTG and the table was reduced to six players. The “crazy” all-in player in the dark was SB, and of course he went all-in. I got A5, a perfect hand to knock him out and get another 500 reais. I only have 30+ BBSs, so I have three options:1. Launch2. Add3. Soft pushI ruled out the first option because if the samba player called me, I would be in big trouble. However, he wouldn’t pay me such a wide range because if he lost, he would be short. The other players at the table all have less than 15 BBS, so I don’t mind playing A5 for two bounties. A limp full push is also a good option since everyone could be limp trying to take out the SB at full strength in the dark and I can isolate when the hand comes back to me. Finally I decided to raise, which was the worst option in my opinion for the simple reason that the whole table could have called my raise, looked at the flop, and tried to knock him out because of his all-in Will prevent the game. That’s exactly what happened, a game of 5 with 14 BBs in the pot.The flop came AQ7, and then came the biggest mistake of the hand: I didn’t continue bet. In addition to the pot of 14 BBS (a lot of chips in a pot), R$500 in the SB bounty is also at risk. I would have been just as happy going all-in on the other four players as I would have made them fold. Well, the table passes and we see the turn card.5. I was given two pairs. I bet half the pot and only the samba player called. The river came a 9, I called and the samba player went all-in. When I announced the call, he couldn’t believe it: “You really called?” He reached 86o, gained over 100 BBS, and even won two bounties. The BSOP was the first time I ran out of money. Not because of the sequence on the river, but because of the mistakes I made. Overall, I was doing well emotionally and technically (within my limits) up to this competition, but it was very frustrating to be eliminated due to a few mistakes. ITM was coming up and I had at least a guaranteed bounty of 1,000 reais and a decent stack to try and go as far as possible. That was the end of the BSOP for me. I know I won’t forget this game and it will hurt me in other games. I think it’s best to cancel the remaining events. It’s such a shame because I really enjoyed the day. The end result was very positive (although money helped, but not financially). I found that I could perform well in the field and respond well to situations outside of my control (cooldowns, flips, etc.).”

Reviews of the main event

Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,000

Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,0...

Star Gabriel Medeiros will end the year the same way he started the year: accumulating titles in online MTTs. In the early hours of the morning, he performed well on the FT, winning the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller, the premier cold open tournament on the Internet. The victory earned the Santa Catarina native $97,059 in total.

Gabriel confirmed his position in the FT, staying away from the leader but managing to double his stack in the first few hands. Leading with K♥Q♦, the Brazilian made an open shove at 19 BBS and was called by “NewBeerBro”, who still had some chips in hand and 7♦7♠. The 10♣4CheckK♣6♣4♣ board brought Gabriel out and he took the pot.

Meanwhile, “Alexa Pare” wasn’t so lucky on another flop. He defeated Duco Haven’s 2♠2♥ with A♣Q♠, then lost the match on a 4♠7♦8♥8♣K♣ board and was eliminated. The Brazilian finished ninth, winning $10,774.

A few moves later, Haven was involved in a preflop all-in move against Gabriel. The Dutchman showed Q♠Q♣, announced an all-in 4-bet, and saw Gabriel call with K♠K♥. 7\5♥9\A♥7♥ The board didn’t hit either of them and Gabriel doubled his chips again.

The two then controlled the match for the remainder of the finals until they met in the finals. Finally hold your head high. In a top-level matchup full of changes, Gabriel successfully established a nearly 6:1 lead and secured the title:

The blinds were 50,000/100,000, the ante was 12,500, and Haven made an open push. 948,604. Gabriel, owner of 5,781,796, called via Instacall and showed A♣5♥. With Q 5♠, the Europeans were not saved by 9♣4♠8♥4♦3♥.

Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,0...

Briski alzó wins WPT SHRPO Main Event trophy

Briski alzó wins WPT SHRPO Main Event trophy

WPT SHRPO Championship When the final table began, Istvan Briski was well ahead of the rest of the competition, which was enough to hold on to the lead until the end with the coveted Mike Sexton Trophy face-off and photo op.

This Main Event is part of an extensive program for the Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open in partnership with the World Poker Tour, at Hosted at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. The casino, located in Hollywood, Florida, ultimately attracted a total of 1,447 registered participants and $4,630,400 in prizes.

Rayan Chamas vs. Istvan Briski heads up.

Ultimate Hungarian Wins for $647,300 After sealing the deal in the final heads-up, Rayan Chamas finished second and pocketed $600,000. With the win, Briski also earned a $10,400 entry into the WPT World Championship to be held at Wynn in December.

“It’s great. I played really well in the tournament and yeah, I’m really happy. My highest score so far. I’m very grateful. There are some really good players.”, But I played really well on the big court and that’s what the tournament is about. ”

Now the WPT is preparing to conclude their 2023 season in Las Vegas, with the schedule starting next Thursday (December 7), in addition to the already mentioned In addition to the World Cup, there are also major tournament drops such as one-on-one drops included.

Briski alzó wins WPT SHRPO Main Event trophy

EPT: Pablo Brito bursts the ITM bubble in $10,000 FT

EPT Prague: Pablo Brito bursts the money bubble by...

EPT Prague has started in Europe, and of course the Brazilians are there too. At the beginning of the series, Pablo Brito from Bahia showed that he would make life difficult for us on European soil, and today the 9Tales player has made one of the big decisions on the Prague stage.

Pablo Brito qualified for the $10,200 NLH Day 2 event and entered the newly formed tournament’s playoffs, and is already making a case for a big shot in the tournament Fight for the championship. The details are that the FT started outside the ITM, but Pablo Brito himself took control of the matter.

In almost In consecutive hands, the Brazilian eliminated two players and burst the tournament’s money bubble. With eight players remaining, Pablo Brito called Robbien Toan’s 11 blind for 5,000/10,000 before the flip happened and Bahian’s AK met his opponent’s JJ. The K6562 board gave “pabritz” the victory and put the game on an effective bubble.

After just two hands, Pablo Brito decided this part of the match. This time, the Brazilian went all-in on Dimitar Danchev, who had just over six blinds, and saw his AT beat his opponent’s A6 on J5273. After two eliminations, Pablo Brito captured all six survivors and continued his quest for the title.

The Brazilian has already collected $23,750 in prize money, and the big winner will take home the sword and $117,150 in prize money.

EPT Prague: Pablo Brito bursts the money bubble by...

Incomparable! Barbero Selected to Participate in Exclusive Luxon Pay Invitational

Incomparable! Barbero Selected to Participate in E...

The most expensive tournament in the world this month is over, with four Latino players out on Day 2 of the $260,000 Luxon Pay Invitational at the Triton Series London, Eligible. Brazil representatives Ernildo Santos, Yuri Martins and Pedro Garagnani and the unstoppable ACR Pro Team NachoBarbe Luo has secured his seat for Friday.

Santos, who also serves as the CEO of a sportsbook, entered Day 2 with an impressive chip stack and a strong chip move: His total stack is 1,195,000 , in fourth place out of 68 qualified players. Triton’s first Brazilian champion, Pedro Garagnani was not far behind, finishing in 12th place with 810,000 in chips.

Barbero, the youngest winner of the biggest prize in Latin poker history, won $619,000, or $77 in the big blind , ranked 20th overall. Yuri Martins meanwhile, was 39th on day two with 367,000 in chips.

Nacho’s Table Day 2.

The tournament leader is Sean Perry with 1,734,500 chips (217 BBs) followed by Alfred DeCarolis with 1,730.000 chips ( 216 BB) and Christoph Vogelsang, whose account accumulated 1,364,000 points (171 BB). The tournament’s elite roster includes Jason Koon, Brian Kim, Talal Shakerchi and Kayhan Mokri, all of whom into the top ten.

This exciting tournament will continue this Friday at 12 noon local time with blinds of 4,000/8,000 and a BB ante of 8,000. Although 115 entrants have signed up so far, the entry period will remain open until the next day, when the million dollar prize will be determined.

Incomparable! Barbero Selected to Participate in E...

The WSOP Main Event was won by two different people: Fernando Karam and Renan Meneghetti.

The WSOP Main Event was won by two different peopl...

GGPoker hosts daily satellites to the WSOP Main Event, the world’s largest tournament.

On Wednesday the 22nd, a total of 4 packages worth $12,000 were distributed. pack. Fernando Karam and Renan Meneguetti doubled their time in the last $1,200 Road to Las Vegas after outscoring 17 opponents.

Both are entitled to the $10,000 Main Event buy-in , a seven-day stay at the Horseshoe Hotel and $1,000 in expenses. GGPoker will also pay out a $1 million bonus if you win in Las Vegas.

Renan also played well in the WSOP Spring Circuit side event happy. The owner of the “legitimate” account increased his balance to $8,396 by defeating Danil Croce in a heads-up match at the end of the $525 High Roller.

Fernando and Renan are very close to winning the coveted WSOP bracelets . In 2019, Fernando experienced a downturn in heads-up event 77: $1,111 Little One for One Drop NL Hold’em. Renan reaches WSOP Online Main Event FT in 2021.

The WSOP Main Event was won by two different peopl...

The two biggest online games on PokerStars are RdeRita (Night of the Stars) and El Puerco ’87.

The two biggest online games on PokerStars are Rde...

The regular tournament is the focus of Wednesday’s PokerStars action.

The Red Spade Room hosted 9 tournaments with over €10,000 in prize money and €168,000 in prize money. One of the aforementioned MTTs ended with a Hispanic victory.

“RdeRita” won the traditional Night of Stars with €100 and €4,050.14 in prize money. The tournament has 203 entrants and a €20,000 prize pool.

“El_Puerco’87” won the online double, winning a €10 SuperStack and a €10 SuperStack Turbo.

With these wins, La Roja took a total of 14 wins yesterday. These are the Spanish winners:

“El_Puerco’87” (SuperStack €1).

“RdeRita” (Night on Stars €100).

“M.alonso23” (SuperStack €2).

“onepalo” (Omaha H/L £10).

“MapOfUrHead” (SuperStack Turbo £10).

“workandDream” (Midnight Express £20).

“Juan28138” (PKO 1€ 6 player cap).

” El_Puerco’87” (SuperStack Turbo €10).

“carayolgg” (Zoom PKO 30€). * “carayolgg” (Zoom PKO 30€).

“palmilla 84” (SuperStack Turbo 5€).

“Monstick” (PKO €10 6-man Super).

“alexjaen82” (PKO €50 6).

“paquita780” (PKO 10€ 6-Max).

“DB.XIV” (2€ NLHE).

The Spaniard scored 5 doubles (marked in the list). with an asterisk), HU’s record is 9-11 and 2nd.

These are regular tournament results with 5-pots:

Yoplax78 ( PKO 10 € 6 – Maximum prize: €1,454.42. Number of participants: 1,500. Prize pool: €13,500. Country: France).

N0Breaks (Large €50. Prize: €2,703.94. Field: 341. Prize pool: €15,345. Country: Lithuania).

1alee (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,529,04. Number of games: 3,022. Prize pool: €27,198. Country: Brazil).

Pasko1992 (Thunder €50. Prize pool: €4,056.41. Number of participants: 629. Prize pool: €28,305. Country: Croatia).

RdeRita (Night of Stars €100. Prize money: €4,050.14. Number of entries: 203. Number of entries: 203. Prize pool: € 20,000. Country: Spain).

dsl1ch89 (BB £10. Prize: £1,273.71. Entry: £1,329. Prize Pool: £11,961. Country: Malta).

aksvsako (BB £20. Prize money: £1,796.79. Number of entries: 622. Prize pool: £11,196. Country: Portugal).

hugomachado21 (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,772.82. Number of entries: 458. Number of entries: 458. Prize pool: €20,610. Country: Portugal).

SanglierDeter (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €1,838.24. Number of Entrants: 2,272. Prize Pool: €20,448. Country: France).

Support PokerStars to focus on regular play again. VGL, Spanish!

Play responsibly. It is illegal for anyone under 18 to play online poker.

The two biggest online games on PokerStars are Rde...

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