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Hustler Casino Live Bans Garrett Adelstein

Six months after the famous hand between Garrett Adelstein and Robbie Lew, Hustler Casino Live revealed some intriguing information: Garrett was banned from the HCL show permanently.

Although the suspension is indefinite, HLC co-owner Nick Vertucci doesn’t rule out the possibility that Garrett may return to the high-stakes tables in the future.

Nick claims that Adelstein was never officially banned. The decision “about the present status of Garrett’s involvement in the live events” was made by Vertucci and second show owner Ryan Feldman.

Garrett hasn’t been seen playing the tables at Hustler Casino Live since the big payout and hasn’t made any statements about it. Social media posts suggesting he would return to the high-stakes game for a minimum bet of $1,000,000 were the only clues to his possible return.

According to the podcast, Vertucci had the notion of seating a reunited couple at the same table, which would attract a large crowd, but his friend was against the plan.

“I even offered to Feldman that we put them on the same air together because we would have a lot of viewers,” Vertucci claims. “But he said, ‘I don’t care about the viewers, therefore I won’t do it.

The show’s creators don’t elaborate on what kind of “business choices” were made. Maybe it was because of his actions during the most recent episode, in which he accused Robbie of cheating, refused to cooperate with the inquiry, and still hasn’t returned the money he won in the giveaway, despite the fact that Robbie’s innocence has been established.

In response to the suspension, Garrett made the following comment:

Unlike what you may have heard, Garrett did not force himself to take a hiatus from poker broadcasting. “Make no mistake, I have decided to forgo poker streaming myself over the last six months, not the other way around. And my life has been amazingly fantastic the entire time,” he stated.

Robbie, though, has not been banned and is still broadcasting regularly. She had previously played at the same table as Phil Helmut on HCL earlier this month.

In the WSOP 2022 Mind of a Pro: Francois Pirault Plays the $3k Freezeout (II)

The World Series of Poker is the best event in the world for Winamax cameras to capture the intensity and beauty of the circuit.

Caesars has always made it simple for the In the Mind of a Pro crew to shine in their WSOP, and this year’s tournament could not be more thrilling. The most anticipated event of the year has a new setting, new processes, but the same history.

Although the Americans hurriedly put together a schedule in the autumn of 2021 and then reclaimed their summer location, reducing the time between WSOPs, ELMDUP returns four months later exactly where they left off, with the full Team Winamax competing for bracelets in Las Vegas.

Francois Pirault does not have the option of re-entering Event #65 $3,000 Freezeout to recover from his poor start. “On The Road” has reached the 40bb zone far sooner than anticipated and against stacks that are much healthier than his. In this episode, it will be his chance to put the tournament on the line; you’ll have to watch to find out how it goes.

The image’s thumbnail has a direct link to the YouTube video. Don’t forget to enable subtitles on your media player.

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  • In the WSOP 2022 Mind of a Pro: Francois Pirault Plays the $3k Freezeout (I)

Use the variance calculator when the market is falling.

Use the variance calculator when you’re on a losing streak.

Despite its shortcomings, the variance calculator is a useful tool for estimating how much money you could lose during a slump.

Although if there’s not much you can do about variation once it’s here, there are tools at your disposal that can help you turn it into an advantage.

There is a lot of literature on what to do when the negative trait is present. During their break, some players say it’s essential to raise the decibel level at the tables to drown it out. A third camp is interested in studying recessions in detail to determine what lessons may be drawn from them.

The perfect accessory for every grinner.

Recently, Barry Carter, co-author of The Mental Game books, examined the benefits and drawbacks of variance calculators in terms of estimating potential financial losses in the event of a string of unfavorable outcomes.

“Playing with a variance calculator is something I recommend highly to everyone. Phil Galfond recently made the statement that everyone “runs” worse than they think they can.”

Even though Carter indicated that tweaks may be done to attempt to include characteristics that don’t presently exist, he claimed to be going through one of the biggest downswings of his career and that this tool helped him estimate the best and worst case scenario as well as his danger of bankruptcy. He suggests you get the free version from PrimeDope.

“For one, they don’t account for changes in buy-in levels. It’s important to consider the fact that many players experience a decline in level during a losing streak. The good news is that variance calculations don’t consider the ways in which the vast majority of players can and should become better. Theoretically, our return on investment ought to increase as we go through our sample of 2,000 events. The only catch is that our rivals should also be becoming better, so the real issue is whether or not I will be getting better at a quicker rate.”

Seven players take packages to KSOP GGPoker Special

The KSOP GGPoker Special is just around the corner, with satellites to the event continuing to run on the world’s largest poker site. Another satellite to the main event took place on Thursday (30th), and seven other players secured seats for just $55.

The tournament had 3 guaranteed seats and over the guaranteed number of 95 entrants, more players than expected took home the $3,500 buy-in for the KSOP GGPoker Special Program Main Tournament for a total prize pool of $5,000,000.

GGPoker is the official sponsor of KSOP.Create your account, compete for spots in events via satellite and enjoy the grid of sites

Prominent individuals who have qualified include Douglas Barbosa from the state of Minas Gerais, holder of a major online poker title. By qualifying for the satellite at the last stage, he demonstrated his experience in this type of competition and also confirmed his presence at Balneário Camboriú.

Another qualifier is Gustavo Biguethi, “cagaum,” who will also cause problems for his opponent in Santa Catarina. The list still has the following nicknames, but not names: “Biglips_BRA,” “MGM_Grand,” “EinsteinPoker,” and the Argentines “bece12” and “potrillo.” The next batch of satellites is expected to be announced later on Friday (31st).

Qualified players received a $3,500 Main Event buy-in, guaranteeing $5,000,000. The KSOP GGPoker Special will be held at the ExpoCentro in Balneário Camboriú from April 20th to 30th. 85 packages and 44 seats have been distributed.

A man stole a $25,000 chip from WSOP Circuit, went to the cashier to exchange it, and was barred from the casino.

Many security breaches occurred at the WSOP Circuit tournament at the Horseshoe Casino in the United States. During one of the pauses in the Mystery Bounty tournament, a guy entered the tournament area, proceeded to a table, and stole a $25,000 chip without being seen.

Francis Anderson, who was already unhappy with the casino, only uncovered the crime when he snapped a photo of his stack after the color up. For twenty-five minutes, the professional had to play with a reduced stack until the crime was proven.

Examining the surveillance cameras, the directors determined that the suspect attempted to swap the non-monetary chip for cash at one of the cash registers. He was recognized and prohibited from entering the Horseshoe.

Anderson urged on his Twitter account that other gamblers be as careful as he was.

“This is simply a reminder for anyone who color during breaks to always snap a photo of their stack before leaving the table. Particularly when championships are played in odd areas. I’m pleased that everything has been handled owing to my effort “On his Twitter account, Anderson posted.

The Iguaz Poker Tour starts and is broadcast live on CodigoPoker.

The CITY CENTER IGUAZIguaz Poker Tour begins and is broadcast live on CodigoPoker.

The High Roller, the premiere event of this festival with exclusive CodigoPoker Live Stream, begins today with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000 USD.

The Iguazu Poker Tour starts and is broadcast live on CodigoPoker.

The first date of the Iguaz Poker Tour begins today and will be played through Sunday in the city situated on the Argentine side of the Triple Border, with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000.

The festival that promises $250,000 and will offer CodigoPoker Live Stream contains various events, two of which stand out: the Main Event with a $800 buy-in and $120,000 in prizes, and the High Roller with a $2,000 buy-in and a $80,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The major competitions

The High Roller is responsible for kicking off the tournament with two days of play on Wednesday and Thursday, while the Main Event begins with Day 1A (blinds of 50′) and Day 1B and 1C Turbo (blinds of 30′) on Friday.

With a stack of 30,000 chips and reentry allowed until the eighth level, play will continue with a super Saturday that will include Day 1D Hyper (blinds of 15′) before to the start of Day 2, while the winner will be determined on Day 3 on Sunday.

Two huge news

In addition, the schedule includes a US$300 NLH Turbo KO and a Mistery Bounty, the format that cannot be absent from a quality festival, with a US$500 buy-in and US$30,000 in guaranteed prizes.

The Live Stream timetable

With analysis and commentary from Manuel Sánchez and Martin Gavasci, the cameras will begin filming tonight at 5.30 p.m. with Day 1 of the High Roller and will continue until the conclusion of the Main Event, when the winner will be determined.

Anyone interested in seeing it may do so through City Center Iguaz’s Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook feeds, as well as CodigoPoker’s YouTube.

The streaming agenda

Wednesday, February 22: First High Roller Day -. 17:30

Thursday, September 23 is Day 2 of the High Roller tournament at 14:30

Friday, December 24: Day 1B of the Main Event, 19:30

Saturday, November 25: Day Two of the Main Event, 19:30

Sunday, November 26: Day Three of the Main Event, 15:00

The itinerary for the Iguazu Poker Tour No. 1 in its entirety.

888poker hosts a Mysterious Bounty-only festival.

888Poker is taking out all the breaks and introducing a whole series of surprise incentives in February! Every tournament in the series will offer a mystery reward for the first time.

So, you do not need to finish in the money to win substantially in this poker series, since you might win up to $30,000 in a single pot!

The Mysterious Bounty Festival features events for players of all skill levels and bankroll sizes, from micro to high rollers. The centerpiece of the event will be the $300K GTD Main Event featuring a $160 buy-in and multi-stage tournament structure.

The series will run from February 19 through March 7, with a guaranteed prize pool of nearly $2 million.

Flights for DAY 1 of the Mysterious Bounty Festival’s Main Event will begin on March 1 and continue through March 6, with DAY 2 beginning on March 6. The final table will occur on March 7 and will be televised live on 888pokerTV’s Twitch channel.

Event #18 of the MB Festival is a multi-flight competition that will take held throughout the series.

$150,000 8-Max Mysterious Prize. Day 1 of this competition will take place from February 23-27, while Day 2 will begin at 20:00 GMT on February 27.

On February 28, the final table will also be webcast on our 888pokerTV Twitch channel.

Join up for the DISCORD server HERE to be informed of any series-related announcements, freerolls, and ticket giveaways.

How to get a ticket to the Mysterious Bounty Festival.

How to purchase Mysterious Bounty Festival tickets

You will be able to purchase direct entrance into all tournaments and satellites to the majority of the premier tournaments. There will be $16.50 satellites available for the Main Event.

Here are three other methods to get a ticket for as low as one cent.

Participate in daily freerolls to qualify for the Mystery Bounty Main Event.

Qualify for the Main Event using satellites for as low as $0.01

Earn a Main Event ticket on 888’s Facebook page.

The following events will be televised on 888pokerTV’s Twitch channel, where you can also win free Main Event tickets.

20 February – Third MB Festival – $120,000 Last Mystery Bounty Table plus freebies

MB Festival #18 on February 28: $150,000 Final Table of Mystery Bounty 8-Max plus freebies

MB Festival Main Event Final Table – $300,000 GTD – March 7

In addition, the StreamTeam and our ambassadors will be streaming and playing in many events throughout the season. Ensure that you adhere to their modifications for the Mysterious Bounty Festival tournament ticket draws.

KSOP GGPoker: Eric Dal Magro vence o Mistério Monstruoso KO

Five significant choices were made on the last day of the GGPoker Rio de Janeiro KSOP, and outstanding players were named winners of the traditional Brazilian circuit. The famous Monster Stack Mystery KO was won by Eric Dal Magro, a member of the Fly Poker Team.

The runner-up in the final round in 2022, the guy from Mato Grosso do Sul did not let the bracelet get away this time and defeated the 471 competitors to collect a good sum. Eric received R$70,000 in addition to R$21,500 in mystery bounty amassed via eliminations.

“It feels amazing, the tournament is quite challenging, I got a 3-handed game with two very excellent regulars, and it was extremely well-played; it’s a terrific feeling.” The winner said, “I came from two beams, I needed a bracelet, and I’m ecstatic to have won the most prestigious championship of my career.”

The official sponsor of the KSOP is GGPoker. Establish an account, compete for event tickets through satellites, and use the grid on the website.

In the GGPoker Rio de Janeiro KSOP, this was the Fly Poker Team’s third impressive performance. Eric used the occasion to discuss the accomplishments of his friends Rapha Garcia and Bruno Porto, who had placed second in prior competitions. “The stage was perfect for the three of us. We are preparing to roll up our sleeves and we are also seeking players, so if you are interested, please contact us.

In contrast to the previous edition, the event is now contested using the Mystery Bounty system. After placing second on Day 1A, Eric had a well-defined approach. And it worked: “My approach was to 3-bet and raise before the flip in order to build large pots.” “I avoid calling and always attempt to apply pressure on the table,” he stated.

The champion played a three-handed game against Felipe Gipponi and Gabriel Galvo. The second participant earned the most money in the event, as he received enormous rewards in the mystery envelope. The total prize pool amounted to R$152,00. Runner-up Felipe earned slightly more than Eric, around $94,000.

In conclusion, the champion who qualified for the tournament through an internet satellite discussed the controversy over the ranking of KSOP GGPoker 2023: “The ranking is amazing, it was really alluring, since those who perform well in the first stage get confidence for the subsequent stages. The next phase is Balneário, where we will labor diligently at the table”.

Check out the rewards for the final table:

1st – Eric Dal Magro – R$91,500*

2nd – Felipe Giffoni – $94,000*.

3rd – Gabriel Galvão – $142,000*.

4 – Kevin Morlas – $24,500

5 – Guilherme Navascues – R$ 17.240

Sixth-place Marcelo Dutra receives R$ 12,000.

*major awards because of unknown bounty

Phill Hellmuth loses six figures in high-stakes HCL play.

Phil Hellmuth’s visit to Los Angeles began poorly. The main attraction of yet another round of Hustler Casino Live, a televised cash game at Hustler Casino, he suffered his biggest loss on TV in eleven years. The blow was so severe that the Hall of Famer did not wait until the show aired to announce the disappointing outcome.

“It was my longest losing streak since 2012, around 33 sessions, in televised cash games. The HCL had a loss of $144,500. A difficult day, but the game was monumental. In the next 10 days, I will also film three times at the Bike casino and on PokerGO’s ‘No Future, No Gamble’ program. Lots of time to heal,” the celebrity stated on his Twitter account.

Hellmuth spent a total of five hours working on the Hustler felts. The story indicates that the professional’s loss was $158,600. The majority of this sum originated from a pot wagered against one of the American’s pals, the Asian businessman Stanley Tang.

Hellmuth raised from the button to $15,000 while three opponents were betting in the dark (straddle), and Tang, Alan Keating, and Chamath Palihapitiya all called. The flop was QJ4, and Hellmuth pushed $25,000 into the middle of the table. Tang swiftly answered and declared all-in for $45,700. Hellmuth pondered deeply until he declared the call and displayed 1010. Tang lagged both times the turn and river were open while holding AA.

Hellmuth lost $72,000 to Choi when the millionaire discovered a queen on the turn and shattered the veteran’s king-king.

Hellmuth decided to ditch his AK pre-flop when “J.R.” placed a 3-bet with 1010 in a move that sparked much discussion.

Tonight, Suprema Brazil will conduct 1M Mystery Bounty.

Supreme’s introduction of the Mystery Bounty format has become apotheosis. Tonight, the World’s Biggest will host another million-dollar event, after a tournament on Sunday that raised about $2 million.

At 6 p.m., the 1M Mystery Bounty starts. Everyone who registers before the event begins will get an additional 10,000 chips. Suprema will also provide grinders who register at the conclusion of the first level with seven days of VIP Gold.

Mystery reward is the most recent trend in MTTs. At a certain point in the tournament, substantial rewards are given randomly with each elimination, giving a far wider number of competitors the chance to win the grand prize.

Examine the format of today’s two major championships:

1M Unknown Bounty

The date is February 15

Mode: NL Hold’em PKO

Time: 6 PM

Buy-in: $550

Beginning Stack: 50,000

Blinds: 15 minutes

Late registration: 15 levels

Assurance: $1,000,000

500K Unknown Bounty

Date: 15 February

Mode: NL Hold’em PKO

Time: 8:00pm

Buy-in: $5,550

Beginning Stack: 50,000

Blinds: 12 minutes

Late registration: 15 levels

Assurance: R$500,000

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