caramelit0 won Sunday’s surprise, ready to trade in eliminations for the 6 millionth express.

caramelit0 won Sunday's surprise, ready to trade i...

KO Battles is the main event of the Winamax weekend. The MTTs Festival hosts 33events from Friday to Sunday, as well as regular Sunday races, with prize money of €1.99 million Very good.

caramelit0, Sunday Surprise Winner

“caramelit0” won the KO Battles 80 Sunday Surprise and earned €12,099.31 Cash goes home. Now he will make the most of his €3,000 ticket to the 600 millionth Express event to round out his winnings.

Three winners took home over €17,000:

  • “Thorfie” won the
  • “Hello W0rld” wonKO Battles 81 CLASH(16 € ). , 046.97).
  • “icho90x” has done the same inBattle Royale , where the biggest prize of the weekend awaits(€20,082). 78).

caramelit0 won Sunday's surprise, ready to trade i...

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  • I think it is great to see players winning big prizes in the KO Battles and other events at the Winamax MTT Festival. It shows the competitiveness and excitement of the tournaments, and the potential for players to earn substantial cash prizes. It must be a thrilling experience for the winners to take home such large amounts of money.

  • This text highlights the success of KO Battles as the main event of the Winamax weekend, with impressive prize money of €1.99 million. It also mentions the achievements of various winners, such as caramelit0 who won the Sunday Surprise and earned €12,099.31. Overall, it showcases the excitement and possibilities of participating in these events.

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