Pedro Neves confirms his stellar form and wins GGMillion$ and $289,000

Pedro Neves confirms his stellar form and wins GGM...

Following a stellar performance in the KSOP GGPoker South America High Roller, Pedro Neves returns to online MTTs. This afternoon he defeated French star Thomas Santerne in a heads-up match to finally put the Portuguese flag on the GGMillion$ podium. In total, the young grinder earned $289,015.

Even though Santerne finished second, he had a lot to celebrate. While at GGMillion$ FT, he won the EPT Paris Super High Roller. He received €889,480 in prize money for his unprecedented victory on the track.

Santerne waited more than 40 minutes for a decision. When he finally entered the tournament, he had 6 BBS, the smallest stack in the 7-player tournament. His opening began with a pre-flop all-in on Pedro. With A♠4♥ against 10♠3, Santerne went all-in on the 9 ♠4 ♣8♠J ♠J ♥ board to give himself some breathing room.

In the 6-max table, Santerne took the lead with K♥Q♥ and pushed all-in with Eelis Parssinen, who was a few chips behind. The Finn had the worst chance and fell by the wayside with 5♠5♣ on a J♥Q♣3♠10♠9♣ board.

A few steps later, Santerne also sends “visomar” home. He found one of his exits on a 9♥Q♣9♣7♠2♣ board with Q♥10♣ against A♦5♣ and won another pot.

Santerne’s 4th hand started off really well. In a short period of time, he twice doubled his stack and took the lead. The European defeated KCheckK♣ on a single throw with A♥A♣ and defeated world champion Damián Salas.

In the third game of the three-person game, Pedro grabbed the chips “spaise411” and advanced to heads-up with a lead of nearly 6:1. The Portuguese player won the title:

With blinds of 50,000/100,000 and an ante of 12,500, Pedro went all-in and Santerne checked. Postflop 7♠5♠9♥ Both finalists checked. In round 4 ♥ Santerne bet 325,000 and Pedro called. On the K♠ River, Santerne ended up pushing 875,000 to the middle of the standings, leaving 18,388 behind. Pedro thought for a few seconds and then called with K♣6♦. Santerne saw his opponent win the pot with 6♠2♥. Then, against K♥2♠ against A♣J♥, Pedro discovered 2♠ on the river and was crowned the champion.

With $10,300 in earnings from 133 starts, GGMillion$ surpassed his $1,000,000 guarantee. See how much each finalist received:

1. Pedro Neves (Portugal) $289,015

2. Thomas Santerne (France) $225,709

3. “spaise411” (Russia) $176,269

4. Damian Salas (Argentina) $137,659

5. “visomar” (Russia) $107,506

6. Eelis Parssinen (Finland) $83,957

7. Paulius Vaitiekunas (Lithuania) $65,567

8. Andrii Derzhypilskyi (Ukraine) $51,205

Pedro Neves confirms his stellar form and wins GGM...

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  • This text highlights the impressive performances of Pedro Neves and Thomas Santerne in the GGMillion$ tournament, with Neves ultimately emerging as the champion. The detailed descriptions of key hands and outcomes provide a vivid picture of the intense competition and high stakes involved.

  • This text highlights Pedro Neves’ impressive victory in the GGMillion$ tournament, earning him $289,015. It also discusses Thomas Santerne’s strong performance, finishing in second place and winning €889,480 in a separate event. Both players demonstrated their skill and success in the high stakes poker scene.

  • This text highlights the impressive performance of Pedro Neves in the GGMillion$ tournament, where he emerged as the champion and earned a significant prize of $289,015. Additionally, it showcases the competitive nature of the tournament with players from various countries participating and earning substantial payouts.

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