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Summer Sochi Poker Festival Satellite

Rum Pokerdom is traditionally uploaded offline – Poker lovers can try their luck on the online satellites and get tickets to one of the biggest series in Sochi casinos – Summer Sochi Poker Festival.

Participants can win 70,000 rubles for tickets to day 1A of the main event of the festival. It was this tournament that gathered the largest open spaces and brought millions of rubles to the finalists.

As always, you can start with a daily free gift. They are giving away 5 tickets to the next stage for 550 rubles, starting at 17:00 Moscow time. After flying through the first tier, participants can repurchase it for 10 rubles.

The second step also takes place every day at 20:00 (MSC). The prize pool is 3 tickets worth 7,000 rubles each. Players of this tournament will also be able to repurchase and add-on content.

Final satellites start every Sunday at 20:00 (MSC). The prize pool is 5 tickets to the SPF Summer Main Event worth 70,000 rubles each. The option to re-enroll is available until after registration ends.

Sweepstakes terms and conditions are standard rules for satellites and live events on Pokerdom:

  • Players who meet the following criteria: Final satellite winners will be automatically registered to Target race.
  • If the winner is unable to attend the series in person and use the ticket, the ticket will be forfeited without compensation.
  • A player can receive multiple tickets. Entrants are eligible to use it as a re-entry qualification.
  • Not redeemable for cash or any other type of compensation.
  • Unused satellite tickets can be used in similar competitions until then the promotion ends.

Day 1A of the Sochi Poker Festival Summer Main Event will take place on June 21st. Winners simply need to show up and verify their identity by that date to claim their winning chips and compete for a share of the impressive prize pool.

Ivan Limeira is the winner of the $215 Sunday Special

Ivan Limeira was crowned champion in the $215 Sunday Special in a packed event for the Brazilians in the Americas poker room. While the “chickenpastry” account racked up $39,816 in wins, “ChrisPaulFTW” took home bronze and $21,456.

Ciro “ciiiiiro” Guimaraes, on the other hand, won the $29,344 NL Championship Hold’em PKO by beating 1,037 opponents in the $215 event. Not long after, he was on the podium again in the $109 NL Hold’em PKO match. In total, the pros won an additional $14,424.

In the $215 BIG10 competition, “johncoffey777” was the country’s bright spot. Finishing third out of 1,136 entrants, he added $21,811 to his bankroll.

Camila “DaPraCa” Kons also won in a PKO event. She beat a field of 2,219 players to win $15,988 in the $66 NL Hold’em event.

Felipe Ketzer Finishes 2nd in GGPoker World Festival Event 230-S

On Sunday the 4th, Felipe Ketzer gave another show on the online MTT. He won the GGWF’s Event 230-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller heads-up for $54,278. A few minutes ago, Rodrigo Seiji busted out in a 3-hand heads-up game for $37,417.

According to PokerStars, Ketzer took part in the FT of the $5,200 Titans event. He finished ninth out of 81 entrants and took home an additional $12,761.

Meanwhile, Fabiano Kovalski was only eliminated in the $10,300 Mega Millions Exit Zodiac Edition contest. In second place, the Samba team’s partner took home 469,357 yen, or about $71,000.

Grinder “Takiti” won the Silver Medal for $60,557 in the Global MILLION$ competition. 21,592 players participated in the tournament.

At GGWF, Bruno “Depaulainspt” Jardim (2nd) and “Biglips_BRA” (3rd) win Event 233-M: $250 Sunday Main Event for $36,350, $27,258 .

GGPoker’s Omaholic MILLION$ goes to Vietnam

GGPokerWorldFestival is the biggest online series out there, not only because of the Texas Hold’em tournaments, but also because of the (big) events coming in

This Once, the traditional Omaholic dressed up, it was the Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ Special Edition (7,423 entries, totaling $371,150 in prizes). come to an end. After a few flights a week, 756 players battled it out in 7 hours and 51 minutes, Iam KaKa He won and earned $27,253.

Of the total prize money, the Asian split his first-place prize of $13,062 and an additional $14,190. In a heads-up match, he defeated traralala, who won $15,922. Previously, BadPropBet won third place, raising US$11,736.


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Basketball and the NBA: Another Doyle Brunson Passion

Doyle Brunson’s passion is poker. However, it is neither the only nor the first. Because at 1.88 meters tall he started as a basketball player and even dreamed of entering the NBA, the sport’s elite, most competitive tournament in the world.

As often happens, the boy Doyle came to play basketball in a small community of Longworth as a child He was born on August 10, 1933 In Fisher County, Texas. It was a rural area, and Brunson and his family lived on a cotton farm with no running water or electricity. Against all odds, Brunson’s parents understood that the only way for their son to have a better future was through college, so Doyle spent his childhood and adolescence in school.

As a result, he already looks like a muscular young man who excelled in track, swimming and basketball, which he had at Sweetwater High From there he has won national awards for excellence in terms of passion and pursuit of the subject. As a result, Doyle received a scholarship to Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

Brenson’s shot and the NBA dream.

NBA Dreams Shattered

Doyle performed so well that the Minneapolis Lakers (the predecessor of today’s Los Angeles Lakers, NBA champions in 1950, 1952 and 1953) expressed interest in him, so He hopes to make it to the NBA. However, Brunson suffered a life-long knee injury in an accident at a plaster plant in the ’50s, so fantasy remained on the sidelines. Although he managed to get by in life, over the years, the injury made Brunson’s mobility increasingly difficult, even requiring him to use a wheelchair.

One piece of evidence Doyle became a state basketball legend when he was named to the Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame (BCAHOF) in 2017 at the age of 83.

Of course, that injury closed one door for Doyle, but then opened another, the poker door that made him known, respected, and legendary.

Grinder Report: The Full Effect of Virtual Wiping

Grinders in Latin America are underperforming. At least from a production standpoint, that’s pretty low considering what you can win on the best day of play. Regardless, this reflects how difficult it is for poker players to have a profitable day. That’s why those who end up in green are so valued.

But that doesn’t mean no one stands out, just that there weren’t that many prizes that day. In fact, RespectedAce won a huge amount of cash as he finished third place at SCOOP 33 -M raised $32,628.

In return he will Guadiss at 89-M $54 bounty Fifth place in the Hunter Sunday Main Event for $14,622. On the other hand, Christian Hospina(cover image) finished fifth at CoinPoker Sunday Special, his account increased by $2,128.

In addition to the Panama Grinder, there is also Igor GioPires21 Perez, who is in the Eighth place in the Hotter 215 PKO for $975. In addition, manuelem won the 96-M $50 Sunday Saver Four, winning $4,190. In the end, CaLLLmeWithKK won the Bigger 55 for $1,501.

Doyle Brunson: He won the WSOP 10-2 in 1976 and 1977

First reaction when you get a hand in NLHE It’s 10 and 2, of course, no matter where you are at the table – especially if you’ve bet beforehand – means getting in the deck, throwing combinations that are predicted to lose, and losing money. However, if Doyle Brunson folds, he will be not only a one-time world champion, but a two-time champion of poker WSOP…

The legendary 89-year-old Just ended his life amassing 10 bracelets in his career and holding the record for most WSOP titles at the time, now with Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey , second only to Phil Hellmuth and his 16 victories.

Of those ten bracelets, two have stood out during Brunson’s career, coming from the 1976 and 1977 WSOP Main Event, which he ended up winning in the same hand .Yes, 10-2 preflop.

Use this for mit Brunson’s WSOP final table victory over Jesse Alto Bones Berland .

Hustler Casino Live Bans Garrett Adelstein

Six months after the famous hand between Garrett Adelstein and Robbie Lew, Hustler Casino Live revealed some intriguing information: Garrett was banned from the HCL show permanently.

Although the suspension is indefinite, HLC co-owner Nick Vertucci doesn’t rule out the possibility that Garrett may return to the high-stakes tables in the future.

Nick claims that Adelstein was never officially banned. The decision “about the present status of Garrett’s involvement in the live events” was made by Vertucci and second show owner Ryan Feldman.

Garrett hasn’t been seen playing the tables at Hustler Casino Live since the big payout and hasn’t made any statements about it. Social media posts suggesting he would return to the high-stakes game for a minimum bet of $1,000,000 were the only clues to his possible return.

According to the podcast, Vertucci had the notion of seating a reunited couple at the same table, which would attract a large crowd, but his friend was against the plan.

“I even offered to Feldman that we put them on the same air together because we would have a lot of viewers,” Vertucci claims. “But he said, ‘I don’t care about the viewers, therefore I won’t do it.

The show’s creators don’t elaborate on what kind of “business choices” were made. Maybe it was because of his actions during the most recent episode, in which he accused Robbie of cheating, refused to cooperate with the inquiry, and still hasn’t returned the money he won in the giveaway, despite the fact that Robbie’s innocence has been established.

In response to the suspension, Garrett made the following comment:

Unlike what you may have heard, Garrett did not force himself to take a hiatus from poker broadcasting. “Make no mistake, I have decided to forgo poker streaming myself over the last six months, not the other way around. And my life has been amazingly fantastic the entire time,” he stated.

Robbie, though, has not been banned and is still broadcasting regularly. She had previously played at the same table as Phil Helmut on HCL earlier this month.

In the WSOP 2022 Mind of a Pro: Francois Pirault Plays the $3k Freezeout (II)

The World Series of Poker is the best event in the world for Winamax cameras to capture the intensity and beauty of the circuit.

Caesars has always made it simple for the In the Mind of a Pro crew to shine in their WSOP, and this year’s tournament could not be more thrilling. The most anticipated event of the year has a new setting, new processes, but the same history.

Although the Americans hurriedly put together a schedule in the autumn of 2021 and then reclaimed their summer location, reducing the time between WSOPs, ELMDUP returns four months later exactly where they left off, with the full Team Winamax competing for bracelets in Las Vegas.

Francois Pirault does not have the option of re-entering Event #65 $3,000 Freezeout to recover from his poor start. “On The Road” has reached the 40bb zone far sooner than anticipated and against stacks that are much healthier than his. In this episode, it will be his chance to put the tournament on the line; you’ll have to watch to find out how it goes.

The image’s thumbnail has a direct link to the YouTube video. Don’t forget to enable subtitles on your media player.

preceding chapters:

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  • In the WSOP 2022 Mind of a Pro: Francois Pirault Plays the $3k Freezeout (I)

Use the variance calculator when the market is falling.

Use the variance calculator when you’re on a losing streak.

Despite its shortcomings, the variance calculator is a useful tool for estimating how much money you could lose during a slump.

Although if there’s not much you can do about variation once it’s here, there are tools at your disposal that can help you turn it into an advantage.

There is a lot of literature on what to do when the negative trait is present. During their break, some players say it’s essential to raise the decibel level at the tables to drown it out. A third camp is interested in studying recessions in detail to determine what lessons may be drawn from them.

The perfect accessory for every grinner.

Recently, Barry Carter, co-author of The Mental Game books, examined the benefits and drawbacks of variance calculators in terms of estimating potential financial losses in the event of a string of unfavorable outcomes.

“Playing with a variance calculator is something I recommend highly to everyone. Phil Galfond recently made the statement that everyone “runs” worse than they think they can.”

Even though Carter indicated that tweaks may be done to attempt to include characteristics that don’t presently exist, he claimed to be going through one of the biggest downswings of his career and that this tool helped him estimate the best and worst case scenario as well as his danger of bankruptcy. He suggests you get the free version from PrimeDope.

“For one, they don’t account for changes in buy-in levels. It’s important to consider the fact that many players experience a decline in level during a losing streak. The good news is that variance calculations don’t consider the ways in which the vast majority of players can and should become better. Theoretically, our return on investment ought to increase as we go through our sample of 2,000 events. The only catch is that our rivals should also be becoming better, so the real issue is whether or not I will be getting better at a quicker rate.”

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