The two biggest online games on PokerStars are RdeRita (Night of the Stars) and El Puerco ’87.

The two biggest online games on PokerStars are Rde...

The regular tournament is the focus of Wednesday’s PokerStars action.

The Red Spade Room hosted 9 tournaments with over €10,000 in prize money and €168,000 in prize money. One of the aforementioned MTTs ended with a Hispanic victory.

“RdeRita” won the traditional Night of Stars with €100 and €4,050.14 in prize money. The tournament has 203 entrants and a €20,000 prize pool.

“El_Puerco’87” won the online double, winning a €10 SuperStack and a €10 SuperStack Turbo.

With these wins, La Roja took a total of 14 wins yesterday. These are the Spanish winners:

“El_Puerco’87” (SuperStack €1).

“RdeRita” (Night on Stars €100).

“M.alonso23” (SuperStack €2).

“onepalo” (Omaha H/L £10).

“MapOfUrHead” (SuperStack Turbo £10).

“workandDream” (Midnight Express £20).

“Juan28138” (PKO 1€ 6 player cap).

” El_Puerco’87” (SuperStack Turbo €10).

“carayolgg” (Zoom PKO 30€). * “carayolgg” (Zoom PKO 30€).

“palmilla 84” (SuperStack Turbo 5€).

“Monstick” (PKO €10 6-man Super).

“alexjaen82” (PKO €50 6).

“paquita780” (PKO 10€ 6-Max).

“DB.XIV” (2€ NLHE).

The Spaniard scored 5 doubles (marked in the list). with an asterisk), HU’s record is 9-11 and 2nd.

These are regular tournament results with 5-pots:

Yoplax78 ( PKO 10 € 6 – Maximum prize: €1,454.42. Number of participants: 1,500. Prize pool: €13,500. Country: France).

N0Breaks (Large €50. Prize: €2,703.94. Field: 341. Prize pool: €15,345. Country: Lithuania).

1alee (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,529,04. Number of games: 3,022. Prize pool: €27,198. Country: Brazil).

Pasko1992 (Thunder €50. Prize pool: €4,056.41. Number of participants: 629. Prize pool: €28,305. Country: Croatia).

RdeRita (Night of Stars €100. Prize money: €4,050.14. Number of entries: 203. Number of entries: 203. Prize pool: € 20,000. Country: Spain).

dsl1ch89 (BB £10. Prize: £1,273.71. Entry: £1,329. Prize Pool: £11,961. Country: Malta).

aksvsako (BB £20. Prize money: £1,796.79. Number of entries: 622. Prize pool: £11,196. Country: Portugal).

hugomachado21 (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,772.82. Number of entries: 458. Number of entries: 458. Prize pool: €20,610. Country: Portugal).

SanglierDeter (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €1,838.24. Number of Entrants: 2,272. Prize Pool: €20,448. Country: France).

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The two biggest online games on PokerStars are Rde...

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