Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO record

Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO reco...

On March 25, 2022, Venom PKO’s $5 million guaranteed deal was announced, and the price was reduced by $0.0.1 to $0.0.1. ¡

New Record

The strategy of expanding Venom Heat’s direct satellite network has fully proven itself. As a result, Venom received 2,872 entries:

The $5 million guaranteed Venom PKO in March 2022 will include a prize pool of $7,180,000.

Of course, that’s only $20,000 more than a year ago, but nearly $1.4 million more than last time.

Final Table

Contest. Anton “adrianok20” Kotlyar exits the tournament in 14th place ($19k + 25.5k per day). The top 8 is traditionally dominated by Americans (5 players).

The most famous of these is WPN Ambassador Rob “Pokerguru740” Kuhn (3 players). The main European director at this table is Daniel “SmileThHero” Smilkovic (6 chips).

Shortstop “DUKEofMORONGO” was the first to leave the game, and his next two outs were both out of the hand. Vengrii “Keleman” vyigral threesomed preflop all-in with KQ protiv 66 and AK, poker player poluchiv nuzhny damu River.

Kuhn played very well, but before the first break he pushed 18NTBs A8 from the big blind in “Naimui” U-Chiplockalsirn, Rob ended up not seeing an A on the table case failed.

Smiljkovic only cracked the top 5 when his stack was reduced to 8NT: after two wins, you don’t have to say “DLAZ” and “one” if you don’t want to say “one”.

Both players entered the battle with deep stacks of 46.6 and “one plus one” with 39 and 56B. Meanwhile, the Moroccan immediately took the initiative and kept extending his chip lead.

In the final hand of the night, he showed what he can do. “SmileThHero” check-called with 78 crosses, flopped 37A for second pair, and called a small rebet. An 8 on the turn further strengthened the European’s hand, and his bet had been met with a flush. After careful consideration, the opponent tied the score with JJ and got one of two outs on the river.

Venom PKO 2022, with a guaranteed transaction amount of US$5 million, is sold under the brand “oneplusone”. His bonus was $814,498.

Unfortunately, he is the least known contestant in this final. You’ll have to wait until the final table to find out who he is.

Payments to other players:

What’s next?

Before WPN, players can look forward to a year of Venom and another classic format PKO in the fall. Of course, the biggest challenge awaits the organizers at the hottest time of the year, when they will once again announce raarant raa0.ntya 0. Recall that in the winter a similar event took place for the first time, covering half a million dollars.

This time, only the Venom thermal satellite has been updated to cover the warranty. This time, the channel may have to increase the number of launch days and choose to announce it in advance.

It’s possible that unconventional measures will be taken to drum up interest in Venom. We’ll find out in about a month.

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Moroccan player “oneplusone” breaks Venom PKO reco...

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  • This text provides a detailed recap of the $5 million guaranteed Venom PKO event, highlighting key players and significant moments from the tournament. It also mentions plans for future Venom events and potential strategies to generate more interest in the competition. Overall, it offers a comprehensive overview of the poker tournament and its outcomes.

  • The text provides a detailed summary of the Venom PKO tournament in March 2022, including prize pool information, notable players, and key hands. It also hints at future Venom events and challenges for organizers. Overall, it offers a comprehensive overview of the tournament and sets the stage for upcoming events in the series.

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    The text provides detailed information about the Venom PKO tournament, including the prize pool, top players, and key moments in the final table. The organizers have successfully expanded their satellite network, leading to a record-breaking event. The future of Venom tournaments looks promising, with potential for more exciting updates and increased interest in the coming months.

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