Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,000

Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,0...

Star Gabriel Medeiros will end the year the same way he started the year: accumulating titles in online MTTs. In the early hours of the morning, he performed well on the FT, winning the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller, the premier cold open tournament on the Internet. The victory earned the Santa Catarina native $97,059 in total.

Gabriel confirmed his position in the FT, staying away from the leader but managing to double his stack in the first few hands. Leading with K♥Q♦, the Brazilian made an open shove at 19 BBS and was called by “NewBeerBro”, who still had some chips in hand and 7♦7♠. The 10♣4CheckK♣6♣4♣ board brought Gabriel out and he took the pot.

Meanwhile, “Alexa Pare” wasn’t so lucky on another flop. He defeated Duco Haven’s 2♠2♥ with A♣Q♠, then lost the match on a 4♠7♦8♥8♣K♣ board and was eliminated. The Brazilian finished ninth, winning $10,774.

A few moves later, Haven was involved in a preflop all-in move against Gabriel. The Dutchman showed Q♠Q♣, announced an all-in 4-bet, and saw Gabriel call with K♠K♥. 7\5♥9\A♥7♥ The board didn’t hit either of them and Gabriel doubled his chips again.

The two then controlled the match for the remainder of the finals until they met in the finals. Finally hold your head high. In a top-level matchup full of changes, Gabriel successfully established a nearly 6:1 lead and secured the title:

The blinds were 50,000/100,000, the ante was 12,500, and Haven made an open push. 948,604. Gabriel, owner of 5,781,796, called via Instacall and showed A♣5♥. With Q 5♠, the Europeans were not saved by 9♣4♠8♥4♦3♥.

Gabriel Medeiros hacked GGMasters HR and won $97,0...

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  • Levi.balistreri

    This text is reporting on the success of Star Gabriel Medeiros in online poker tournaments, specifically his recent victory in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller. It provides details about his gameplay and the final match against Duco Havens, which Gabriel ultimately won with an A♣5♥ hand.

  • This text is reporting on the success of star Gabriel Medeiros in online MTTs, specifically his recent win in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller. He demonstrated strong gameplay and strategic decision-making to secure the title and earn a significant cash prize.

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