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Adam Walton is the FT chip leader for the WSOP 2023 Main Event

WSOP 2023 Main Event final table with Adam Walton...

Friday (15) was supposed to be a free day for the Main Event finalists, but the field was reduced from 15 to the final 9 players during the “extra” competition on Day 8. In less than six hours, the necessary eliminations were made, with American Adam Walton eventually taking the chip lead by a huge margin.

In fact, everything Walton did on Day 8 worked. The Seattle player managed to squeeze out the chips. When he hits, he puts in a lot of chips, and he bluffs a lot. In this way, he built a castle with 143 million chips. Second in chips is Steven Jones with 90,300,000.

The top three are all from the United States. Regular guest Daniel Weinman rounded out the top three with 81,700,000 points. All other players are from Europe: Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany – 74,600,000), Juan Maceiras (Spain – 68,000,000), Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine – 50,700,000), Dean Hutchinson (Scotland – 41,700,000), Daniel Holzner (Italy – 31,900,000 ) and to than Lewis (England – 19,800,000).

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Final table by knocking out Spain Player Jose Aguilera, who was already seated at a 10-handed table. He was the short stack when he got involved in a preflop all-in with AJ against Jachtmann’s A8. The 456 flop sets the stage for practice, while the 7 turn is brutal. To the delight of all the other players, the river did not result in a tie. Minutes after the fall, Aguilera was still stunned, sitting alone at an empty table in the tournament room.

The nine finalists of the WSOP Main Event have been awarded a $900,000 prize pool, with the final six figures being awarded. The overall goal is to achieve maximum fame and win the biggest prize money in tour history, taking home a whopping $12,100,000 in prize money and earning the most important bracelet of the series.

The finalists will rest on Saturday (the first part of the final table will start on Sunday (16th) at 2:00 pm Las Vegas time and 6:00 pm Brasilia time .Blinds are back at 600,000 / 1,200,000.

Adam Walton is the favorite

Check out Aguilera’s elimination:

Check chip count:

Adam Walton (USA) – 143,000,000

Steven Jones (USA) – 90,300,000

Daniel Weinman (USA) – 81,700,000

Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) – 74,600,000

Juan Maceiras (Spain.) – 68,000,000

Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) – 50,700,000

Dean Hutchinson (Scotland) – 41,700,000

Daniel Holzen (Italy) – 31,900,000

Toby Lewis (England) – 19,800,000

See Price:

1 – 12,100 $.000

2 – $6,500,000

3 – $4,000,000

4 – $3,000,000

5 – $2,400,000

6 – $1,850,000

7 – $1,425,000

8 – $1,125,000

9 – $900,000

WSOP 2023 Main Event final table with Adam Walton...

Video of Jesús Bértoli playing Pandemic in Las Vegas

Video: Play Pandemic Poker with Jesús Bértoli

Venezuelan player and coach Jesús Bértoli went to Las Vegas to gamble to make money during the epidemic. In his latest video uploaded to the channel, he shares how he experiences the city’s new reality and analyzes an interesting hand he’s playing.

You can watch the video here:

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Video: Play Pandemic Poker with Jesús Bértoli

Yuri Dzivielevski Is Getting a New Bracelet

Yuri Dzivielevski Is Getting a New Bracelet

WSOP2023 last day at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, tables cleared, chairs filled with room and potatoes The noise of a bar stop…that is, everything but one table. In the corner of a now largely empty, quiet room, the winner hadn’t been chosen and the bracelet handed out, but Yuri Dzivielevski missed it.

The Brazilian was attempting to set the record for most World Series wins by a Latin player, but he has since held three records, which are Last Event #95: $1,000 Super Turbo No-Limit Hold’em Final, He Finished 2nd

On this day, this event fits the World Series It’s over because the action never stops from start to finish. A total of 1,482 players participated and created a $1,318,980 prize pool, with a final winner selected after approximately 12 hours of gameplay.

Paul Berger

Paul Berger wins last WSOP bracelet of the summer (North) and the first prize of $212,645.

The single challenge between Dzivielevski and Berger started with the same stack (15,120,000 to 14,600,000 for the Brazilian). ), the leadership changed hands several times. Before the final stand, Berger won the last pot in which the chip leader changed when he got a small flush. On the next hand, Dzivielevski (Q-J) pushed from the button and was checked to A-6, but couldn’t get what he needed to get his second bracelet of the summer. A 6 on the turn gives your opponent the win.

Event #95: $1,000 Super Turbo No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-Amount: $1,000Entry Amount: 1,482Pot: $1,318,980

Final Table

1° Paul Berger – $212,6452. Yuri Givylevsky – $131,4083° San Diego Plant – $95,1954. Miguel Cardoso – $69,7515. Michael Liang – $51,7006° Kafton Ramsamooj – $38,7697. Lee Chang Han – $29,4178° Alex Zhang – $22,5899. Tai Cao – $17,556

ITM Latino

10. Gabriel Schroeder – $13,81247. Rafael Reis – $4,27149. Murillo Milholm – $4,27156. Gerson Caldeira – $3,677155. Felipe Ramos – $1,751167° Louis Hilt – $1,751187° Ricardo Nakamura – $1,751

*Full Count

Yuri Dzivielevski Is Getting a New Bracelet

Gustavo Mastelotto suffers below-deck injury, withdraws from WSOP Event 94 in 29th

Gustavo Mastelotto suffers below-deck injury, with...

A string of bad losses ended Gustavo Mastelotto’s entry into Event 94: $5,000 NL Hold’em 8 Hands. The Santa Catarina native exited the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas in 29th place for $21,661.

By the third level, Gustavo dropped to 7 BBS after losing an all-in pre-flop. . With A♠K against A 9, he saw Edward Mroczkowski hit 5 6 3 4 4 J.

Shortly thereafter, the deck became even more brutal for Gustavo. With only a few big blinds, he moved all-in with Guo Liangwei and turned over JCheckJ♠. The Chinese chess player on board dominated with 8\8♣ and defeated him with 7♠6♣4\3\8♣.

The long-distance running of the 94th item is another good result of Gustavo in Las Vegas. Just as his journey began, he won a tournament at the Wynn Casino. Also at the casino, he won $136,000 playing the $1,600 NLH 2M GTD.

Gustavo Mastelotto suffers below-deck injury, with...

SCPT: Walmor Maciel Wins Turbo Finals

Walmor Maciel closes out SCPT Stage 2 with big win...

The second phase of the SCPT guaranteed prize money of R$ 180,000 and achieved sales of almost R$ 300,000, confirming the organization’s expectations. We had four days of games, lots of commentary, and happy hours in the lobby of the beloved Golden Hotel in San Jose, South Carolina. The final game ended with a victory for Walmor Maciel.

The famous line “when the lights go out” was uttered by this track regular. A total of 39 entrants from Walmor entered the competition and received a 5,000 reals guarantee. Ultimately, he won the Turbo Finale Championship for R$1,950. The buy-in fee is R$150.

The contestants worked their way to the trophy in the final race, with several regulars in attendance. Walmor defeated Santa Catarina State Poker Federation president Marcos Skorek or Marcão, a Florianópolis regular. The third place went to Allan Godinho, known as “Big Allan”, who already won the PLO5 championship on the first day of competition.

This completes another successful SCPT phase and breaks the R$180,000 deposit. Players can rest assured that in the next few days we will be announcing the next stop and the track promises more and more.

Walmor Maciel closes out SCPT Stage 2 with big win...

Spanish Poker Tournament Comes to Barcelona in Full Swing

Spanish Poker Tournament Comes to Barcelona in Ful...

The Spanish Championship of Poker (CEP), presented by PokerStars, is looking for a new champion and will be celebrating its fourth championship year in Barcelona The one-stop show is incredible.

One of the longest-running and most storied Spanish circuits in the country, this season closed its partnership with the Estrellas Poker Tour Back to top 11. Until August 21st, bringing the best of poker action to the incredible Casino Barcelona.

The brand new Barcelona Casino will host the next CEP.

Barcelona Casino One of the typical Spanish poker venues, so the main international stops stop at Casino Barcelona. Mediterranean coast. For this reason, CEP has launched a program of 6 games, price range From €200to €1,100.

The most important dates for CEP Barcelona

  • 11.-13. August: Opening – €330
  • 13.-14. August: Mystery Bounty – €660
  • 14. August – 15th: Mini-CEP – €200
  • 15th to 20th August: Main Event Cep – €500
  • 19th to 20th August: Second Chance – €330
  • 20-21 August: High Roller – €1,100

Visit Official Website for all details, structure and leaderboards.

Casino de Barcelona already knows what it means to host a festival in the form of a Spanish Poker Tournament, since in 2019 and most recently this February it was Spanish Poker Championship Stage two of the busiest tournaments in the history of the circuit.

“We are delighted with this agreement. The organization has worked hard over the years to build on this.” The track is considered a leader and benchmark in the industry. In 2018, we were the track with the most attendance; in 2019, we were the track with the most attendance, both overall and averaged across all stops. This new collaboration is definitely another leap in quality for CEP, and we hope players are as excited as we are. said CEP Manager Salvador Suriol.

As part of the CEP, the winner received a commemorative watch and entry into the coveted PokerStars Players Tournament Bundle. The first player to win these awards was Ramon Collillas, who qualified for Best Overall at the Bahamas PSPC, eventually winning and taking Over $5 million in prize money. In addition to the PSPC, this year’s overall standings winner will win a ticket to the EPT Barcelona 2024Main Event.

Spanish Poker Tournament Comes to Barcelona in Ful...

Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $12.1 Million

Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $1...

By WSOP standards, the disappearance of the Main Event from history is astonishing. In less than two hours, Daniel Weinman overtook his two compatriots on the final day to win the coveted diamond bracelet. In total, the Atlanta pro won $12,100,000.

“It doesn’t feel real. There’s a lot of luck in poker tournaments. I think I’m playing pretty well, but because of a few situations, I got really lucky on some hands,” said the world champion .

Weinman started Finals Day with 100 BBS, just shy of the latest 19. Freshman in the main event, realtor Steven Jones. Meanwhile, Adam Walton has 82 BBS, which he lost in just 23 hands.

Walton’s downfall will spark debate for years to come. He showed 8♣8♠ and called Jones’ raise to 6,000,000. Meanwhile, Weinman defended his big hand and raised to 27,000,000. After Jones folded, Walton pushed his 209,500,000 chips into the middle of the table. Weinman-Instacall reveals A♥A♦. A board of 7♣5♥3♣9♠K♣ confirmed Weinman’s victory as he entered heads-up with a nearly 3-1 lead.

Jones failed to capture the new CL and entered the 24th hand duel. Check this out:

With the blinds at 1,250,000/2,5000 and a BB ante, Jones raises to 7,000,000 and gets called. The flop came J♠5♠2♦ and Jones c-bet to 6,000,000 before Weinman check-raised to 18,500,000. On round 4, Weinman bet 38,000,000. Jones thought for a few minutes before moving all-in for 146,000,000. Weinman called and showed K♣J♦. With the J♣8 dominance, Jones couldn’t find an out on the A♥ river.

Overall, the WSOP distributed $93,399,900 to 1,507 players in the Main Event. See how much each finalist has received:

1. Daniel Weinman (USA) $12,100,000

2. Steven Jones (USA) $6,500,000

3. Adam Walton (USA) $4,000,000

4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) $3,000,000

5. Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) $2,400,000

6. Dean Hutchison (UK) $1,850,000

7. Toby Lewis (UK) $1,425,000

8. Juan Marcellas (Spain) $1,250,000

9. Daniel Holzner (Italy) $900,000

Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $1...

Guillén, Fabrizio and Yunis also compete in the WPT EveryOne for One Drop

Guillén, Fabrizio and Yunis also compete in the WP...

WPT EveryOne for One Drop‘s second inaugural race has begun with a growing list of Latin Armada representatives including Angel Guillen and Fabrizio Gonzalez as a highlight.

WynnLas Vegas has another funniest tournament this summer with a $10,500 buy-instrong> and an attractive $10 million guaranteed prize pool.

Joey LeBrun What happened on this flight.

The day before, Damian Salas had entered the qualifying round, and Day 1B this week One played more games with Mexico’s Guillen and the best finish was 33rd with 117,000 in chips. Gonzalez of Uruguay is 41st with 90,500 in chips. 1st Place, Nick Younes, 69. Has 32,000 chips.

A total of 440 were registered, with Joey LeBrun topping the chip leaderboard with 614,000. No. Phase 1C will begin today at 12:00 noon local time and Phase 2 will continue on Wednesday at 12:00 pm.

There will also be a Super High Roller event called WPT Alpha8 with a buy-in of $111,000 and a final table match with the One Drop event Start on the same day. The champion will be chosen live on Sunday.

WPT Everyone One Drop – Day 1B

Buy-In: $10,500Enter: 440Pot: US $10,000,000 Blinds: Level 11 (1.5K-2.5K – Ante 2.5K)

Count Highest

1. Joey Le Brun – 614,0002. Rick Green – 406,0003° Viktor Ustimov – 335,0004° Adam Weinraub – 308,0005 Taylor Wilson—304,5006 Jason Weiner – 280,0007° Sam Laskowitz – 261.5008° Noah Schwartz – 257,0009° Hyunsup Kim – 251,00010. Danny Fuhs – 242,000

Latino candidates

33. Angel Gillen – 117,00041. Fabrizio Gonzalez – 90,50069. Nick Younes – 32,000

*All stats.

Guillén, Fabrizio and Yunis also compete in the WP...

The Most Controversial Premiere in High Stakes Poker History

High Stakes Poker Makes Most Controversial Debut

TV show ‘High Stakes’ is having the most controversial premiere in its historySeason 11 kicks off with a live broadcast featuring the protagonists of today’s most intense heads-up matches.

High stakes poker is heading for the biggest debate in history

Live poker coverage continues to grow and one of the leading producers of audiovisual poker material PokerGO has yet to finish High Season 10 Stakes Poker It has been announced that the 11th episode has started, and the premiere is full of controversy.

The transfer will be on April 27 and will be seen as a special live show will be in the $200/$400 blind NLH , with stakes of $400, and will feature many high-stakes poker regulars, including Jennifer Tilly, Egypt Rick Persson and Bill Klein.

High Stakes Poker Makes Most Controversial Debut

Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

WSOP events cover the entire spectrum of poker, in all formats and at different ticket values. There are even tournaments for all ages, such as a senior tournament reserved for players over 50. Leo Fernandez and Andres Korn tried their luck there.

They auctioned off a poker game with Neymar

In fact, none of them seem to be close to retirement. Leo has maintained his enviable shaggy locks and Cacho has maintained his figure after admirably losing weight, showing his will. Of course, if they don’t lose, it’s poker…

In a tournament where 1,624 players returned the next day (including two Argentinians), only 1,227 players had $1,607 minimum (including designated pairs) to qualify for the competition. However, they are then eliminated.

Andres Korn enters the senior division.

After level ten, there are still 217 players who have earned at least $5,138. Leonard Clementi secured the chip lead with 4,200,000 points. Other big stacks included Chun Li (3,165,000), David Palm (2,335,000), James Clarke (2,250.000) and Bryant Morrison (2,055,000).

Other notables entering Day 3 included Victor Ramdin (1,005,000) and Mike Matusow (250,000). and Allen Kessler (105,000).

Two Latinos are still in contention and will head back to Horseshoe Paris in Las Vegas this Saturday for the final day. Final table: Daniel Demula (685,000) and Milton Helfenstein (410,000).

Event #48 $1,000 Seniors NLHE Tournament

Buy-in:$1,000Field: 8,180Pot: US$7,280,000Blinds: Class 21 (10K/20K and 20K Big Blind Antes)Average Stack: 753,917 chips Next money: $5,138

Top 5

1. Leonard Clementi – 4,200,0002° Chunli – 3,165,0003. David Palm – 2,335,0004° James Clark – 2,250,0005° Christopher Stevens – 2,195,000

*full count

Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

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