Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $12.1 Million

Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $1...

By WSOP standards, the disappearance of the Main Event from history is astonishing. In less than two hours, Daniel Weinman overtook his two compatriots on the final day to win the coveted diamond bracelet. In total, the Atlanta pro won $12,100,000.

“It doesn’t feel real. There’s a lot of luck in poker tournaments. I think I’m playing pretty well, but because of a few situations, I got really lucky on some hands,” said the world champion .

Weinman started Finals Day with 100 BBS, just shy of the latest 19. Freshman in the main event, realtor Steven Jones. Meanwhile, Adam Walton has 82 BBS, which he lost in just 23 hands.

Walton’s downfall will spark debate for years to come. He showed 8♣8♠ and called Jones’ raise to 6,000,000. Meanwhile, Weinman defended his big hand and raised to 27,000,000. After Jones folded, Walton pushed his 209,500,000 chips into the middle of the table. Weinman-Instacall reveals A♥A♦. A board of 7♣5♥3♣9♠K♣ confirmed Weinman’s victory as he entered heads-up with a nearly 3-1 lead.

Jones failed to capture the new CL and entered the 24th hand duel. Check this out:

With the blinds at 1,250,000/2,5000 and a BB ante, Jones raises to 7,000,000 and gets called. The flop came J♠5♠2♦ and Jones c-bet to 6,000,000 before Weinman check-raised to 18,500,000. On round 4, Weinman bet 38,000,000. Jones thought for a few minutes before moving all-in for 146,000,000. Weinman called and showed K♣J♦. With the J♣8 dominance, Jones couldn’t find an out on the A♥ river.

Overall, the WSOP distributed $93,399,900 to 1,507 players in the Main Event. See how much each finalist has received:

1. Daniel Weinman (USA) $12,100,000

2. Steven Jones (USA) $6,500,000

3. Adam Walton (USA) $4,000,000

4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) $3,000,000

5. Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) $2,400,000

6. Dean Hutchison (UK) $1,850,000

7. Toby Lewis (UK) $1,425,000

8. Juan Marcellas (Spain) $1,250,000

9. Daniel Holzner (Italy) $900,000

Daniel Weinman Wins Biggest WSOP Main Event and $1...

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  • This text highlights the surprising disappearance of the Main Event from WSOP history, with Daniel Weinman emerging as the champion and winning a significant amount of money. The mention of luck in poker tournaments is acknowledged by the world champion, indicating that luck played a role in his success.

  • This text provides an overview of the WSOP Main Event, highlighting Daniel Weinman’s impressive victory and the distribution of prize money among the top finalists. It also mentions the role of luck in poker tournaments and the downfall of Adam Walton, sparking future debates.

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