Adam Walton is the FT chip leader for the WSOP 2023 Main Event

WSOP 2023 Main Event final table with Adam Walton...

Friday (15) was supposed to be a free day for the Main Event finalists, but the field was reduced from 15 to the final 9 players during the “extra” competition on Day 8. In less than six hours, the necessary eliminations were made, with American Adam Walton eventually taking the chip lead by a huge margin.

In fact, everything Walton did on Day 8 worked. The Seattle player managed to squeeze out the chips. When he hits, he puts in a lot of chips, and he bluffs a lot. In this way, he built a castle with 143 million chips. Second in chips is Steven Jones with 90,300,000.

The top three are all from the United States. Regular guest Daniel Weinman rounded out the top three with 81,700,000 points. All other players are from Europe: Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany – 74,600,000), Juan Maceiras (Spain – 68,000,000), Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine – 50,700,000), Dean Hutchinson (Scotland – 41,700,000), Daniel Holzner (Italy – 31,900,000 ) and to than Lewis (England – 19,800,000).

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Final table by knocking out Spain Player Jose Aguilera, who was already seated at a 10-handed table. He was the short stack when he got involved in a preflop all-in with AJ against Jachtmann’s A8. The 456 flop sets the stage for practice, while the 7 turn is brutal. To the delight of all the other players, the river did not result in a tie. Minutes after the fall, Aguilera was still stunned, sitting alone at an empty table in the tournament room.

The nine finalists of the WSOP Main Event have been awarded a $900,000 prize pool, with the final six figures being awarded. The overall goal is to achieve maximum fame and win the biggest prize money in tour history, taking home a whopping $12,100,000 in prize money and earning the most important bracelet of the series.

The finalists will rest on Saturday (the first part of the final table will start on Sunday (16th) at 2:00 pm Las Vegas time and 6:00 pm Brasilia time .Blinds are back at 600,000 / 1,200,000.

Adam Walton is the favorite

Check out Aguilera’s elimination:

Check chip count:

Adam Walton (USA) – 143,000,000

Steven Jones (USA) – 90,300,000

Daniel Weinman (USA) – 81,700,000

Jan-Peter Jachtmann (Germany) – 74,600,000

Juan Maceiras (Spain.) – 68,000,000

Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) – 50,700,000

Dean Hutchinson (Scotland) – 41,700,000

Daniel Holzen (Italy) – 31,900,000

Toby Lewis (England) – 19,800,000

See Price:

1 – 12,100 $.000

2 – $6,500,000

3 – $4,000,000

4 – $3,000,000

5 – $2,400,000

6 – $1,850,000

7 – $1,425,000

8 – $1,125,000

9 – $900,000

WSOP 2023 Main Event final table with Adam Walton...

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  • This text provides an update on the WSOP Main Event, highlighting the impressive performance of Adam Walton, who has a significant chip lead. The author also mentions the prize pool and potential winnings for the top nine players.

  • Aleen.wilderman

    The text provides a detailed update on the WSOP Main Event, highlighting Adam Walton’s strong performance and the final chip counts for the remaining players. It also mentions the prize pool and the significant amount of money at stake for the winner, emphasizing the competitive nature of the tournament.

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