SCPT: Walmor Maciel Wins Turbo Finals

Walmor Maciel closes out SCPT Stage 2 with big win...

The second phase of the SCPT guaranteed prize money of R$ 180,000 and achieved sales of almost R$ 300,000, confirming the organization’s expectations. We had four days of games, lots of commentary, and happy hours in the lobby of the beloved Golden Hotel in San Jose, South Carolina. The final game ended with a victory for Walmor Maciel.

The famous line “when the lights go out” was uttered by this track regular. A total of 39 entrants from Walmor entered the competition and received a 5,000 reals guarantee. Ultimately, he won the Turbo Finale Championship for R$1,950. The buy-in fee is R$150.

The contestants worked their way to the trophy in the final race, with several regulars in attendance. Walmor defeated Santa Catarina State Poker Federation president Marcos Skorek or Marcão, a Florianópolis regular. The third place went to Allan Godinho, known as “Big Allan”, who already won the PLO5 championship on the first day of competition.

This completes another successful SCPT phase and breaks the R$180,000 deposit. Players can rest assured that in the next few days we will be announcing the next stop and the track promises more and more.

Walmor Maciel closes out SCPT Stage 2 with big win...

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  • This text describes the success of the second phase of the SCPT, which achieved high sales and exceeded the guaranteed prize money. The final game was won by Walmor Maciel, who defeated other regular contestants and the president of the Santa Catarina State Poker Federation.

  • This text highlights the success and achievements of the second phase of the SCPT, including high sales and meeting the organization’s expectations. The final game resulted in a victory for Walmor Maciel, who defeated other skilled players to win the championship.

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