Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

WSOP events cover the entire spectrum of poker, in all formats and at different ticket values. There are even tournaments for all ages, such as a senior tournament reserved for players over 50. Leo Fernandez and Andres Korn tried their luck there.

They auctioned off a poker game with Neymar

In fact, none of them seem to be close to retirement. Leo has maintained his enviable shaggy locks and Cacho has maintained his figure after admirably losing weight, showing his will. Of course, if they don’t lose, it’s poker…

In a tournament where 1,624 players returned the next day (including two Argentinians), only 1,227 players had $1,607 minimum (including designated pairs) to qualify for the competition. However, they are then eliminated.

Andres Korn enters the senior division.

After level ten, there are still 217 players who have earned at least $5,138. Leonard Clementi secured the chip lead with 4,200,000 points. Other big stacks included Chun Li (3,165,000), David Palm (2,335,000), James Clarke (2,250.000) and Bryant Morrison (2,055,000).

Other notables entering Day 3 included Victor Ramdin (1,005,000) and Mike Matusow (250,000). and Allen Kessler (105,000).

Two Latinos are still in contention and will head back to Horseshoe Paris in Las Vegas this Saturday for the final day. Final table: Daniel Demula (685,000) and Milton Helfenstein (410,000).

Event #48 $1,000 Seniors NLHE Tournament

Buy-in:$1,000Field: 8,180Pot: US$7,280,000Blinds: Class 21 (10K/20K and 20K Big Blind Antes)Average Stack: 753,917 chips Next money: $5,138

Top 5

1. Leonard Clementi – 4,200,0002° Chunli – 3,165,0003. David Palm – 2,335,0004° James Clark – 2,250,0005° Christopher Stevens – 2,195,000

*full count

Leo Fernandez and Cacho Korn, Advanced Text

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  • This text discusses the different formats and ticket values offered at WSOP events, including tournaments for players of all ages. It also highlights the performance and progress of specific players in a senior tournament.

  • This text appears to be discussing the WSOP events, specifically highlighting the range of poker formats and ticket values, as well as mentioning notable players and their performances in the tournament. It also mentions a senior tournament and an auction for a poker game with Neymar.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the WSOP event, focusing on the senior tournament and the players’ performances. It highlights notable players and their chip counts, as well as the prize pool and buy-in information. It demonstrates the competitive nature of the tournament and the skill of the players involved.

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