New online poker rankings feature two Brazilians in top 10

New online poker rankings have two Brazilians in t...

In the latest update of the top 10 online poker rankings, two Brazilians appear on the list. To celebrate the start of 2024, multiple series were hosted on the platform and the results were piling up quickly.

Pedro Padilha continues to lead the Brazilian team. The player from the Samba Poker team once again finished in eighth place with 7,857 points, followed by Felipe Ketzer in ninth place, who also maintained his position from the last update and now has 7,849 points.

slightly Other Brazilians below the top ten are also under the spotlight: Gabriel Medeiros is in 11th place with 7,603 points, just 11 points ahead of Dennys Ramos. Who is number 12? Luiz Constantino, who was in the top 10 last week, has dropped to 18th.

The top spot remains unchanged. Uruguay’s Ramiro Petrone remains ahead of Czech Roman Hrabec, although the gap has narrowed since last week: Petron currently has 10,948 points to Hrabec’s 10,391.

View the top 10 player poker rankings online:

1. – Ramiro Petrone (Uruguay) – 10,9482nd place – Roman Hrabec (Czech Republic) – 10,3913rd Place – Niklas Astedt (Sweden) – 8,4714th place – Simon Mattsson (Sweden) – 8,4515th place – Alex Theologis (Greece) – 8,2366th place – Luis Faria (Portugal) – 8,2307th place – Chris Klodnicki (USA) – 8,0148th – Pedro Padilha (Brazil) – 7,8579th – Felipe Ketzer (Brazil) – 7,84910th – Arsenii Malinov (Russia) – 7,620

New online poker rankings have two Brazilians in t...

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  • Yundt.vivienne

    I think it’s interesting to see Brazilians making a strong presence in the top 10 online poker rankings. It’s impressive to see Pedro Padilha and Felipe Ketzer maintain their positions, while Gabriel Medeiros is also performing well.

  • Bahringer.rickey

    This text highlights the recent success of Brazilian poker players in the top 10 online rankings. Pedro Padilha and Felipe Ketzer both maintained their positions, while other Brazilians like Gabriel Medeiros and Dennys Ramos are also performing well. The leaderboard is led by Uruguayan Ramiro Petrone followed closely by Czech Roman Hrabec.

  • This text provides an update on the top 10 online poker rankings, with two Brazilians appearing on the list. It highlights the accomplishments of Pedro Padilha and Felipe Ketzer, who maintained their positions in 8th and 9th place, respectively. It also mentions other Brazilian players who are close to breaking into the top 10.

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