Miguel “thenewmig” wins $10,000 Micro Roller Main Event

Miguel “thenewmig” wins $10,000 Micro Roller Main...

It was a very special Sunday for Pokerlogia and Miguel “thenewmig”, live on our TWITCH channel. Here’s the story:

This week, “pincha73”, “matanga22” and “thenewmig” won. Let’s get started It’s going to be a Sunday like no other after qualifying for day two of 888poker’s $10,000 Micro Roller Main Event.

As part of Sunday’s Pro League Cup matches, “pincha73” will be the first to be eliminated from the tournament, with “matanga22” (34th) , that is, from this point on, all eyes are now on Miguel, who will make it to the final table in time.

But to better illustrate how the story ends, we leave you with the two most important cards that will bring thenewmig to this great tournament. The winner was 888Poker , beating 2,528 entrants to take home $701.

After completing 4 hands, the chip leader and Baloyansekuv (5th place) were eliminated. .

Miguel “thenewmig” wins $10,000 Micro Roller Main...

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