What are PokerOK’s 3-Blind tables?

During the Chinese New Year, GGNetwork gifted its Asian players with a new cash table variant called “3-Blind.” In this post, you can learn about the characteristics of this game and its novelty.


New three-blind tables arrived in the PokerOK Hold’em Lobby during the end of January 2023.

They possess the following qualities:

A small blind, a large blind, and a third blind make up the blinds (twice the BB). Consequently, “3-Blind” tables are so named.

Ante. \s8-Max.

While the format is being portrayed as innovative, online poker has used it for years. Such tables have been in operation for a considerable amount of time at mobile poker sites catering to Chinese players. The third blind is the identical straddle that was mandated for UTG1 in the first blind.

Even before the preflop, thanks to it and the ante, a considerable quantity of “dead” money is produced in the pot, leading to a greater degree of activity.


$0.01/$0.02/$0.04 (ante $0.01)

$0.02/$0.05/$0.10 (ante $0.02)

$0.05/$0.10/$0.20 (ante $0.05)



There is a daily race for these tables, with total rewards amounting to $1,924.

*Payments are made in US dollars.

Points are granted for playing raked hands. Daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. MST, points are granted at odds of 1.5. After the conclusion of happy hour, a new rating begins.


As anticipated, Chinese and other Asian poker players flocked to the 3-Blind tables.

There is activity on all three boundaries during the course of the day. The lowest limit gets around 50 tables in the morning, while the other two draw 20 tables apiece. At peak hours, this number multiplies by two.

Game Technique.

When highlighting the top two pointers at the outset of learning the 3-Blind tables, the following should be noted:

Assault the blinds more often. Preferably, you should pursue dead money from a late position after all of your opponents have folded.

Observe your opponents, noticing players who are extremely active and collecting notes on them, particularly those who are attempting to play from positions. Opposing aggressiveness on open raises will result in increased earnings.

Because to the increased number of weak players drawn by the novelty and the requirement for regulators to move to a different strategy than the typical 6-max sans straddles and antes, tables with three blinds may generate more profits.

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