Top KSOP Champions in 2022

The KSOP GGPoker RJ begins next week, and the anticipation for its debut continues to grow as it promises to provide fantastic tales throughout the season. But Thursday is known as TBT day, and we will take advantage of this mood to reflect on what transpired in the last year of the circuit.

It is safe to assume that the five rounds of the KSOP GGPoker tournament in 2022 were filled with excitement. And it had everything. Father and son won the largest events on the same day, international players dominated in many tournaments, there was a champion star, prize money over $1 million, and many ladies shone at the tables.

In the final stages of the year, a moment that will be remembered forever occurred. Father and son, Luiz Joanello and Paulo Joanello, accomplished the remarkable accomplishment of winning the two major events in a series on the same day. Luiz won the Main Event and received R$275,000 in prize money, while his son Paulo won the High Roller and received R$235,000.

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In the city of Balneário Cambori, the KSOP GGPoker Special was another highlight of the season. Roberto “Bombom” from So Paulo won the largest reward in the history of the circuit by crashing the Main Event and winning R$1,195,000 for an incredible celebration.

During the 2022 season, there were several celebrations by international players. Giovanny Reyes, for instance, began the season with a stunning Main Event victory in Fortaleza. Meanwhile in the Northeast, Nicolas Velarde of Argentina won the High Roller. Fernando Rey, also from Argentina, traveled to So Paulo in order to win the stage’s major competition.

And the ladies performed really well last season. For example, professional Nayara Rocha was present in almost every season and won the So Paulo Warm-Up championship. In the Women, the title changed hands many times. The series was won by Leidiane Rivolli, Sydia Renata, Yasmin Sen, Tainá Lima, and Lais Longo.

Check out the winners of the major events of the KSOP GGPoker in 2022 listed below.

Stage 1 – Fortaleza

Giovanny Reyes is the subject of the primary event.

Nicolas Velarde, High Roller

Ladies: Leidiane Rivolli

2nd Stage – Rio de Janeiro

Main Event: Gustavo Lopes “Vascão

High Roller: João Sydens

Ladies: Sydia Renata

3rd Stage – São Paulo

Principal Participant: Fernando Rey

Fernando Rey

Belchior Santana, High Roller

Ladies: Yasmin Sen

Fourth Level – Balneário Cambori

Main Event: Roberto “Bombom

Fabrcio Nociolini: High Roller

Ladies: Tainá Lima

Super HR Prog. KO: Felipe Ketzer

HR PLO: Marcelo Franca

Fifth Leg – Rio de Janeiro

Main Event: Luiz Joanello

Paulo Joanello, High Roller

Ladies: Lais Longo

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  • This text provides a summary of the highlights and achievements of the KSOP GGPoker tournament in 2022, including exciting moments such as a father and son winning major events on the same day and international players dominating in various tournaments. The author also mentions the sponsorship of GGPoker and encourages readers to create an account and participate in satellite tournaments.

  • Jeremie.zboncak

    The text provides a detailed overview of the highlights and achievements of the KSOP GGPoker tournament in 2022, including notable victories by father and son duo, international players, and female competitors. The sponsorship by GGPoker and the impressive prize money adds to the excitement of the event.

  • The text provides a detailed overview of the KSOP GGPoker RJ tournament in 2022, highlighting significant moments, such as a father and son winning major events on the same day and international players performing well. The inclusion of specific event winners adds depth to the narrative, making it an engaging read for poker enthusiasts.

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