Phill Hellmuth loses six figures in high-stakes HCL play.

Phil Hellmuth’s visit to Los Angeles began poorly. The main attraction of yet another round of Hustler Casino Live, a televised cash game at Hustler Casino, he suffered his biggest loss on TV in eleven years. The blow was so severe that the Hall of Famer did not wait until the show aired to announce the disappointing outcome.

“It was my longest losing streak since 2012, around 33 sessions, in televised cash games. The HCL had a loss of $144,500. A difficult day, but the game was monumental. In the next 10 days, I will also film three times at the Bike casino and on PokerGO’s ‘No Future, No Gamble’ program. Lots of time to heal,” the celebrity stated on his Twitter account.

Hellmuth spent a total of five hours working on the Hustler felts. The story indicates that the professional’s loss was $158,600. The majority of this sum originated from a pot wagered against one of the American’s pals, the Asian businessman Stanley Tang.

Hellmuth raised from the button to $15,000 while three opponents were betting in the dark (straddle), and Tang, Alan Keating, and Chamath Palihapitiya all called. The flop was QJ4, and Hellmuth pushed $25,000 into the middle of the table. Tang swiftly answered and declared all-in for $45,700. Hellmuth pondered deeply until he declared the call and displayed 1010. Tang lagged both times the turn and river were open while holding AA.

Hellmuth lost $72,000 to Choi when the millionaire discovered a queen on the turn and shattered the veteran’s king-king.

Hellmuth decided to ditch his AK pre-flop when “J.R.” placed a 3-bet with 1010 in a move that sparked much discussion.

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