Mermelstein led entering the money round at the Poker World Cup.

The American Aaron Mermelstein leads the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) with 2,059,000 chips after the 1,300 players who will cash in this lengthy battle were determined. Andres Jeckeln of Argentina, in fourteenth position with 1,496,000 points, is the best of the 59 remaining Latin Americans in contention for the top prizes.

Mermelstein grabs the lead on the fourth day of the WSOP main event.

Day 3 of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event completed this past Saturday when the cash bubble broke and the field was cut to 1,300 competitors. When the contestants return to the tables on Sunday, Aaron Mermelstein will be in the lead in terms of chip count, with the goal of advancing up the payout table of the tournament, where $10 million is allocated for the new world champion.

Michael Rocco

second in chip count entering Day 4

Mermelstein has the largest chip stack among the 1,299 players that qualified for Day 4 with 2,059,000 chips. His companion is Michael Rocco, a fellow American with 1,866,000 points. The Israeli Gabi Livshitz, who has 1,835,000 units, is in second place. The following is a partial ranking of the annual international poker tournament that creates the greatest anticipation.

Chipleader: Aaron Mermelstein (United States) 2.059.000 chips

Michael Rocco (United States) placed second with 1,866,000 points.

3rd: Gabi Livshitz (Israel) 1,835,000

Fourth – Brandon Lulov (United States) 1,679,000

Leo Zamarripa (United States) ranks fifth with 1,643,000 votes.

Jake Abdalla (United States) ranks sixth with 1,615,000 points.

7th – Thi Xoa Nguyen (France) 1,600,000

Jordyn Miller (United States) placed eighth with 1,580,000 points.

Mathieu His (France) ranks ninth with 1,560,000

10th – Ian Armstrong (Great Britain) with 1,563,000

Each of the players who progressed to Sunday’s event already has a minimum cash prize of US$15,000, but they will all attend with the objective of advancing to the tournament’s final table. In order to reach the first climb in the reward scale, 217 eliminations must occur, at which point the 1,082 remaining contestants will be guaranteed a payout of $17,000. This is how the payout table for this Main Event in the 53rd World Series was defined:


Winner: $10,000,000.

Runner-up: US$6.000.000

Third place: $4.0 million

4TH PLACE: US$3,000,000

5TH PLACE: US$2,250,000

6TH PLACE: US$1,750,000

7TH PLACE: US$1,350,000

8TH: US$1,075,000

9TH: US$850,675

10TH-11TH: US$675,000

12TH-13TH: US$525,000

14TH-17TH: US$410,000

18-26TH: US$323,100

27°-35°: US$262,300

36°-44°: US$214,200

45°-53°: US$176,200

54°-62°: $145,800

63°-71°: US$121,500

72°-80°: $101,700.00

81°-89°: US$86,000

90°-98°: $73,100

99°-161°: US$62,500

225°-287°: US$46,800

288°-350°: $40,900

351°-413°: $36,000

414°-476°: US$31,900

477°-539°: $28,400

540°-602°: US$25,500

603°-665°: US$23,000

666°-764°: $21,000

765°-863°: US$19,000

864°-1081°: US$17,000

1082°-1300°: US$15,000

Jeckeln leads 59 Latinos to World Championship prize money.

Andres Jeckeln of Argentina finished first among the members of the Latin America still in contention for the most coveted of the golden bracelets that each edition of the WSOP awards. With 1,496,000 chips in his stack, the player from Mar del Plata is ranked fourteenth. His closest competitor in the area is the Brazilian Thiago Pirani, who is in 53rd position with 1,181,000 points.

Leandro Bianchini, also from Argentina, completes the symbolic podium of Latin American players with a stack of 1,042,000 chips in 79th position on the board. The entire list of players from the area who will emerge victorious from this World Poker Championship is shown below.

Leandro Biachini is a person.

having the third-best stack among Latinos

Andres Jeckeln (Argentina) placed 14th with 1,496,000 chips.

53rd: Thiago Pirani (Brazil) 1,181,000

Leandro Bianchini (Argentina) placed 79th with 1,042,000 points.

81st: Rafael Moraes (Brazil) 1,015,000

Francis Cruz (Dominican Republic) ranks 88th with 976,000 votes.

Caio Hey (Brazil), 895,000th

132nd – Kamal Bittar (Paraguay) 832,000

137th – Daniel Escobar (Mexico) 819,000

138th: Rodrigo Semeghini (Brazil) 819,000

161st – Fernando Wittvivan (Brazil) 770,000

Matias Chervin (Argentina) came in 170th with a score of 758,000.

182nd – Gabriel Jansen Falcao Baleiro (Brazil) 737,000

210th: Maximiliano Gallardo (Argentina) 703,000

679 thousand for 226th – Gilbert Cruz (Dominican Republic)

227th: Alexandre Mantovani (Brazil) 678,000

Ramiro Petrone (Argentina) placed 234th with a score of 661,000.

245th: André Akkari (Brazil) 653,000

600,000 – Sebastian Hoyos (Colombia)

290th – Alejandro Andión (Argentina) 600,000

296th: Joseph Di Rosa (Venezuela) 593,000

345th – German Dansker (Argentina) 530,000

521 thousand – Victor Paredes (Honduras).

396th – Renan Bruschi (Brazil) 492,000

492 thousand for Sylvain Cisterna (Ecuador)

425th – Alejandro Lococo (Argentina) 474,000

434th – Gabriel De Vidal (Colombia) 466,000

435°: Franco Gasparini (Argentina) 465.000

467th – Jose Barbosa (Brazil) with 438,000 points

471st – Adrian Troya (Panama) 436,000

426 000th – Carlos Leiva (Argentina)

505th – Leo Fernandez (Argentina) 407,000


Thiago Crema (Brazil) placed 534th with 391,000 points.

540th – Pedro Zuccarato (Brazil) 389,000

542nd: Fernando Viana (Brazil) 388,000

543°: Douglas Araujo Ferreira (Brazil) 386.000

551st – Tabares Rodriguez (Colombia) 377,000

365 thousand: Jorge Hou (Panama).

600°: Bruno Desimoni (Brazil) 341.000

705th place – Hudson Pedrosa (Brazil) 268 thousand

728th – Jose Nadal (Mexico) 258,000

753rd – Diego Emperador (Brazil) 244,000

755th – Rafael Mota (Brazil) 243,000

812th – Eider Cruz (Brazil) 218,000

880°: Eduardo Della Costa (Brazil) 187.000

Frederico Dabus (Brazil) ranked 910th with 174,000 points.

925°: Mario Junior (Brazil) 170.000

930th – Dorian Rios (Venezuela) 166,000

165 thousand – Augusto Hagen (Argentina)

Nick Yunis (Chile) placed 962nd with 154,000

1004th position: Farid Jattin (Colombia – United States) 140,000

Guilherme Garcia (Brazil) ranked 1017th with 136,000 points.

130,000: Matias Gabrenja (Argentina).

1050°: Sebastián Lobo (Argentina) 125,000

Fernando Sampietro (Argentina) placed 1108th with a score of 103,000.

1130th: 95,000 Ezequiel Lebed (Argentina).

1176th – Alen Filippi (Brazil) 73,000

1241st – Marcelo Giordano Mendes (Brazil) 45,000

1268°: Diego Ventura (Peru) 33.000

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  • Overall, this text provides information about the current standings and chip counts of the World Series of Poker Main Event. It highlights the leading players, including Aaron Mermelstein and Michael Rocco, as well as the cash prizes and payout table for the tournament. The text also mentions the top Latin American players in contention, such as Andres Jeckeln from Argentina and Thiago Pirani from Brazil. Overall, it provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the tournament.

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    The text provides information on the leading players in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Aaron Mermelstein is currently in the lead with 2,059,000 chips, followed by Michael Rocco and Gabi Livshitz. The payout table for the tournament is also provided, with the winner receiving $10,000,000. The text also highlights the performance of Latin American players, with Andres Jeckeln leading the group with 1,496,000 chips. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the current standings and prize structure of the tournament.

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