Matias Chervin and Brad Owen play the Meet-Up Game

Meet Up Game 💰⬇

This is the second film of the new Vlogger and ultra-famous US circuit player, Matias Chervin, who caught the most intriguing hands and observations of the World Poker Tour game hosted at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas before to the Grand Final in December 2022.

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Matas Chervin’s Youtube poker video channel

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One of the Meet Up Game hands that Matias played.

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  • This text seems to be a promotional message for a vlogger and professional poker player named Matias Chervin. The text is urging the reader to subscribe, like, and comment on his social media channels to support the creation of more content. It also mentions that this is the second video in which Matias captures interesting hands from the World Poker Tour game.

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    This text is promoting a new film by vlogger and poker player Matias Chervin. The film showcases intriguing hands and observations from a World Poker Tour game at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas. The text also includes links to Matias Chervin’s social media channels for subscribers and engagement.

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