Hustler Casino Live Bans Garrett Adelstein

Six months after the famous hand between Garrett Adelstein and Robbie Lew, Hustler Casino Live revealed some intriguing information: Garrett was banned from the HCL show permanently.

Although the suspension is indefinite, HLC co-owner Nick Vertucci doesn’t rule out the possibility that Garrett may return to the high-stakes tables in the future.

Nick claims that Adelstein was never officially banned. The decision “about the present status of Garrett’s involvement in the live events” was made by Vertucci and second show owner Ryan Feldman.

Garrett hasn’t been seen playing the tables at Hustler Casino Live since the big payout and hasn’t made any statements about it. Social media posts suggesting he would return to the high-stakes game for a minimum bet of $1,000,000 were the only clues to his possible return.

According to the podcast, Vertucci had the notion of seating a reunited couple at the same table, which would attract a large crowd, but his friend was against the plan.

“I even offered to Feldman that we put them on the same air together because we would have a lot of viewers,” Vertucci claims. “But he said, ‘I don’t care about the viewers, therefore I won’t do it.

The show’s creators don’t elaborate on what kind of “business choices” were made. Maybe it was because of his actions during the most recent episode, in which he accused Robbie of cheating, refused to cooperate with the inquiry, and still hasn’t returned the money he won in the giveaway, despite the fact that Robbie’s innocence has been established.

In response to the suspension, Garrett made the following comment:

Unlike what you may have heard, Garrett did not force himself to take a hiatus from poker broadcasting. “Make no mistake, I have decided to forgo poker streaming myself over the last six months, not the other way around. And my life has been amazingly fantastic the entire time,” he stated.

Robbie, though, has not been banned and is still broadcasting regularly. She had previously played at the same table as Phil Helmut on HCL earlier this month.

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  • Jakubowski.catharine

    The text discusses the banning of Garrett Adelstein from the HCL show permanently, with the possibility of him returning in the future. It also mentions a plan to seat Garrett and Robbie Lew together for high viewership, but it was rejected. Garrett denies forcing himself to take a hiatus and claims his life has been fantastic, while Robbie is still broadcasting regularly.

  • This text provides an update on the situation between Garrett Adelstein and Robbie Lew, stating that Garrett has been banned indefinitely from the HCL show. The decision was made by the show owners, and there are hints that Garrett may return in the future.

  • The text discusses Garrett Adelstein being banned from Hustler Casino Live, but there is still a possibility of him returning in the future according to the co-owners. There seems to be tension surrounding his actions during the most recent episode, which may have contributed to his suspension.

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