PokerMatch Summer Marathon Leaderboard

PokerMatch has a great summer sale for all players. As part of the Summer Marathon promotion, leaderboards will be created for the most active poker players in Hold’em, Omaha, OFC and Windfall.

Participants earn points every 10 days to participate in 10 different leaderboards. In return, they expect the highest price. A total of three credit periods are planned for this campaign:

  • 11. June 03:00 – June 21 at 02:59 pm
  • 21. June 03:00 – July 01 02:59
  • 01. July 03:00 – July 11th 02:59

This is a fantastic opportunity to be the best in your subject and top the leaderboards and win big prizes .

Texas Hold’em and Omaha Cash Leaderboards

For cash players of these events: 3 leaderboards every 10 days, The total prize pool is $8,000. Earn points for every 25 rakes.

LeaderboardLimits earns points for every 25 lot commissions td>2.5

The top 15 entrants at the bottom of each leaderboard will receive prizes. Winners will receive $100, $400 and $500.

Ranking [Medium] Summer Marathon, No Limit Hold’em/Omaha [High] Summer Marathon, No Limit Hold’em ’em/Omaha [Grand] Summer Marathon, Holland Hold’em/Omaha

Chinese poker pros can share $1,500 on the leaderboard, $500 per leaderboard cycle.

Every $1 raked at OFC tables generates 1 point for the participant on the leaderboard. The 6 most successful participants share in the leaderboard prize pool.


Windfall rankings.

Fans of the windfall lottery have not been forgotten either. They have the chance to showcase their poker skills and win great prizes.

For every Windfall played, the leaderboard will get points equal to the buy-in amount. There are 3 leaderboards, sorted by purchase amount:

The top 15 entrants share $2,750. Winners have great prizes ranging from $100 to $400.

Ranking [Junior] Summer Windfall Marathon [Medium] Summer Windfall Marathon [Master] Summer Windfall Marathon60$

I look forward to the start of the PokerMatch Summer Marathon!

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  • I think this text is promoting a summer sale for PokerMatch with various leaderboards and prizes for active poker players. It seems like a great opportunity for players to showcase their skills and potentially win big prizes.

  • I think the text describes an exciting summer sale promotion by PokerMatch for poker players. It offers various leaderboards and prizes for active players in different poker games, providing a great opportunity to win big prizes and demonstrate their skills.

  • Murphy.harold

    This text describes a summer sale promotion by PokerMatch offering leaderboard competitions in various poker games with cash prizes for top performers. Players can earn points and compete for prizes in different leaderboard categories, making it an exciting opportunity for poker enthusiasts.

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