KSOP GGPoker: Eric Dal Magro vence o Mistério Monstruoso KO

Five significant choices were made on the last day of the GGPoker Rio de Janeiro KSOP, and outstanding players were named winners of the traditional Brazilian circuit. The famous Monster Stack Mystery KO was won by Eric Dal Magro, a member of the Fly Poker Team.

The runner-up in the final round in 2022, the guy from Mato Grosso do Sul did not let the bracelet get away this time and defeated the 471 competitors to collect a good sum. Eric received R$70,000 in addition to R$21,500 in mystery bounty amassed via eliminations.

“It feels amazing, the tournament is quite challenging, I got a 3-handed game with two very excellent regulars, and it was extremely well-played; it’s a terrific feeling.” The winner said, “I came from two beams, I needed a bracelet, and I’m ecstatic to have won the most prestigious championship of my career.”

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In the GGPoker Rio de Janeiro KSOP, this was the Fly Poker Team’s third impressive performance. Eric used the occasion to discuss the accomplishments of his friends Rapha Garcia and Bruno Porto, who had placed second in prior competitions. “The stage was perfect for the three of us. We are preparing to roll up our sleeves and we are also seeking players, so if you are interested, please contact us.

In contrast to the previous edition, the event is now contested using the Mystery Bounty system. After placing second on Day 1A, Eric had a well-defined approach. And it worked: “My approach was to 3-bet and raise before the flip in order to build large pots.” “I avoid calling and always attempt to apply pressure on the table,” he stated.

The champion played a three-handed game against Felipe Gipponi and Gabriel Galvo. The second participant earned the most money in the event, as he received enormous rewards in the mystery envelope. The total prize pool amounted to R$152,00. Runner-up Felipe earned slightly more than Eric, around $94,000.

In conclusion, the champion who qualified for the tournament through an internet satellite discussed the controversy over the ranking of KSOP GGPoker 2023: “The ranking is amazing, it was really alluring, since those who perform well in the first stage get confidence for the subsequent stages. The next phase is Balneário, where we will labor diligently at the table”.

Check out the rewards for the final table:

1st – Eric Dal Magro – R$91,500*

2nd – Felipe Giffoni – $94,000*.

3rd – Gabriel Galvão – $142,000*.

4 – Kevin Morlas – $24,500

5 – Guilherme Navascues – R$ 17.240

Sixth-place Marcelo Dutra receives R$ 12,000.

*major awards because of unknown bounty

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