Ivan Limeira is the winner of the $215 Sunday Special

Ivan Limeira was crowned champion in the $215 Sunday Special in a packed event for the Brazilians in the Americas poker room. While the “chickenpastry” account racked up $39,816 in wins, “ChrisPaulFTW” took home bronze and $21,456.

Ciro “ciiiiiro” Guimaraes, on the other hand, won the $29,344 NL Championship Hold’em PKO by beating 1,037 opponents in the $215 event. Not long after, he was on the podium again in the $109 NL Hold’em PKO match. In total, the pros won an additional $14,424.

In the $215 BIG10 competition, “johncoffey777” was the country’s bright spot. Finishing third out of 1,136 entrants, he added $21,811 to his bankroll.

Camila “DaPraCa” Kons also won in a PKO event. She beat a field of 2,219 players to win $15,988 in the $66 NL Hold’em event.

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  • Bryana.goodwin

    This text highlights the success of several Brazilian poker players in different events, showcasing their winnings and accomplishments. It shows the skill and talent of these players in the poker world.

  • This text highlights the achievements of various Brazilian poker players in different tournaments. It mentions their winnings and positions in the events, showcasing their success and skill in poker.

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