Ivan Limeira is the winner of the $215 Sunday Special

Ivan Limeira was crowned champion in the $215 Sunday Special in a packed event for the Brazilians in the Americas poker room. While the “chickenpastry” account racked up $39,816 in wins, “ChrisPaulFTW” took home bronze and $21,456.

Ciro “ciiiiiro” Guimaraes, on the other hand, won the $29,344 NL Championship Hold’em PKO by beating 1,037 opponents in the $215 event. Not long after, he was on the podium again in the $109 NL Hold’em PKO match. In total, the pros won an additional $14,424.

In the $215 BIG10 competition, “johncoffey777” was the country’s bright spot. Finishing third out of 1,136 entrants, he added $21,811 to his bankroll.

Camila “DaPraCa” Kons also won in a PKO event. She beat a field of 2,219 players to win $15,988 in the $66 NL Hold’em event.

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