Grinder Report: The Full Effect of Virtual Wiping

Grinders in Latin America are underperforming. At least from a production standpoint, that’s pretty low considering what you can win on the best day of play. Regardless, this reflects how difficult it is for poker players to have a profitable day. That’s why those who end up in green are so valued.

But that doesn’t mean no one stands out, just that there weren’t that many prizes that day. In fact, RespectedAce won a huge amount of cash as he finished third place at SCOOP 33 -M raised $32,628.

In return he will Guadiss at 89-M $54 bounty Fifth place in the Hunter Sunday Main Event for $14,622. On the other hand, Christian Hospina(cover image) finished fifth at CoinPoker Sunday Special, his account increased by $2,128.

In addition to the Panama Grinder, there is also Igor GioPires21 Perez, who is in the Eighth place in the Hotter 215 PKO for $975. In addition, manuelem won the 96-M $50 Sunday Saver Four, winning $4,190. In the end, CaLLLmeWithKK won the Bigger 55 for $1,501.


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    This text seems to be discussing the underperformance of poker grinders in Latin America, highlighting the difficulties of consistently earning profits in the game. It also briefly mentions a few notable winners and the amounts they earned in recent tournaments.

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