Felipe Ketzer Finishes 2nd in GGPoker World Festival Event 230-S

On Sunday the 4th, Felipe Ketzer gave another show on the online MTT. He won the GGWF’s Event 230-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller heads-up for $54,278. A few minutes ago, Rodrigo Seiji busted out in a 3-hand heads-up game for $37,417.

According to PokerStars, Ketzer took part in the FT of the $5,200 Titans event. He finished ninth out of 81 entrants and took home an additional $12,761.

Meanwhile, Fabiano Kovalski was only eliminated in the $10,300 Mega Millions Exit Zodiac Edition contest. In second place, the Samba team’s partner took home 469,357 yen, or about $71,000.

Grinder “Takiti” won the Silver Medal for $60,557 in the Global MILLION$ competition. 21,592 players participated in the tournament.

At GGWF, Bruno “Depaulainspt” Jardim (2nd) and “Biglips_BRA” (3rd) win Event 233-M: $250 Sunday Main Event for $36,350, $27,258 .

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  • The text provides a summary of various individuals’ achievements and winnings in poker tournaments. It seems like Felipe Ketzer had a successful day, winning multiple events and earning a significant amount of money. Other players such as Rodrigo Seiji and Fabiano Kovalski also had notable performances in their respective tournaments.

  • This text provides a summary of various poker events that took place on Sunday the 4th, including the victories and winnings of different players. It highlights the success of Felipe Ketzer, Rodrigo Seiji, and Fabiano Kovalski in their respective games, as well as the achievements of other participants in different events.

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