Duek, Jeckeln, Bittar, and Salas play Latin cards on Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event, following in the footsteps of Farnes.

Michael Farnes

A pioneer in the


at the session where the finalists will be determined

The Argentines Michael Duek, Andrés Jeckeln, and Damián Salas, together with the Guarani Kamal Bittar, will be responsible for representing Latin America on Wednesday, when the nine finals of the World Series of Poker’s Main Event will be determined (WSOP). The American Jeffrey Farnes is the chipleader with 37,825,000 chips, while those who have reached this level are guaranteed at least US$262,300.

Farnes begins the stage that will determine the World Championship of Poker finals in first place.

The tournament that produces the most anticipation among poker aficionados worldwide on an annual basis is rapidly approaching its conclusion, and, accordingly, the tables are blazing on the path that will lead this Wednesday to the confirmation of the event’s final table. On the evening corresponding to Day 6 of the Main Event of the 53rd World Series of Poker (WSOP), 123 players entered the tournament, but only 35 managed to remain active until the clock ran out and they collected their chips for a well-deserved rest.

The Argentine nation

Michael Duek

is optimal for the area prior to the beginning of the

Day 7

American Jeffrey Farnes, possessor of a massive stack of 37,825,000 chips, concluded the previous session on top of the chip count, followed by his fellow countryman Brian Kim, who had 33,875,000 chips in his possession. Third in contention is the British athlete Philippe Souki, who has 32,475,000 points. Algeria’s Karim Rebei (fourth place, 31,475,000 chips), Australia’s Adrian Attenborough (seventh place, 28,625,000 chips), and Miami-based Argentine Michael Duek (ninth place, 22,225,000 chips) guarantee that the top 10 competitors from from four different continents.

Jeffrey Farnes (United States) has the most chips with 37,825,000.

Brian Kim (United States) placed second with 33.875.000 points.

Third: Philippe Souki (Great Britain) 32.475.000

4th: Karim Rebei (Algeria) 31,475,000

5°: Espen Jorstad (Norway) 31,175,000

Matija Dobric (Croatia) 29.55 million

Seventh – Adrian Attenborough (Australia)

Andy Taylor (United Kingdom) placed eighth with 23,900,000 votes.

Michael Duek is the ninth place finisher (Argentina – United States) 22,575,000

John Earnes (United Kingdom) placed tenth with 22,450,000 votes.

Damian Salas

The only one of the 35 survivors who have previously won the competition.

Consequently, Duek currently has the lead among the four Latin Americans left in contention for a seat at the tournament’s final table. His compatriots Andres El Peludo Jeckeln (14th; 13,200,000 chips) and Damian El Pampa Salas (29th; 5,800,000), the only one of the competitors scheduled for Wednesday who has previously won the WSOP Main Event; added to the Guarani Kamal Bittar (16th; 12,600. 000), complete the list of representatives of the region who will try to improve the performance of rapper Alejandro Papo MC Lococo, also from Argentina, who

Lococo himself gave a valiant effort to stay in the competition on Tuesday, but a flip in which he played with Ac Qd against the pair of tens of the current chipleader, Jeffrey Farnes, failed when the board revealed 6s 9c 9h Ks 8h; so the Beast of Hardcore had to bid farewell to the tournament with applause, with a 39th-place finish that allowed him to add US$214,200 to his impressive balance of prizes this season.

Papof was the most tenacious of the seven Latin Americans eliminated from the event on Day 6; he was the only survivor. The following ranks were held by players from the area who were eliminated from the tournament during Tuesday’s session:

39th: Alejandro Papo MC Lococo (Argentina) US$214.500

50th: Jorge Hou (Panama) 176,200 US dollars

55th: Henry Fischer (Brazil) US$145,800

Gilbert Cruz is the 85th president of the United States (Dominican Republic) US$86,000

108th: Rafael Mota (Brazil) US$62,500

Rodrigo Semeghini, 116th (Brazil) US$62,500

Ramiro Petrone (Argentina), 118th, $62,500

Alejandro Lococo

Attained a reward of $214,200 and came close to competing in the final table again.

At the start of Wednesday’s play session, a prize pool of US$262,300 will be guaranteed for the 35 remaining players with a shot at reaching the tournament’s final table. The next payment increase will occur when the field is cut to 26 participants, at which point the reward will increase to $323,100. We conclude with the rewards that are still to be determined for this exciting World Poker Championship:

Winner: $10,000,000.

Runner-up: US$6.000.000

Third place: $4.0 million

4TH PLACE: US$3.000.000

5TH PLACE: US$2.250.000

6TH PLACE: US$1,750,000

7TH PLACE: US$1,350,000

8TH: US$1,075,000

9TH: US$850,675

10TH-11TH: US$675,000

12TH-13TH: US$525,000

14TH-17TH: US$410,000

18TH-26TH: US$323,100

27TH-35TH: US$262,300

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    This text provides information about the finalists of the World Series of Poker Main Event. It mentions the chip leader, Jeffrey Farnes, and the other players who have made it to the final table. It also highlights the performance of Latin American players in the tournament, including Michael Duek, Andrés Jeckeln, Damián Salas, and Kamal Bittar. The text also mentions the elimination of other Latin American players in the previous session. Overall, the text provides a recap of the current state of the tournament and the players involved.

  • The text provides information about the finalists of the World Series of Poker Main Event, particularly focusing on the chip count of each player. It mentions the chipleader, Jeffrey Farnes, and his fellow competitors from different continents, including Latin America. It also highlights the performance of Argentine player Michael Duek, who is leading among the Latin American representatives. The text further mentions the elimination of other Latin American players and their rankings in the tournament.

  • This text provides a detailed update on the World Series of Poker Main Event, highlighting the accomplishments and standings of various players from different countries. It gives specific information about the chip leaders, as well as the performance of Latin American players such as Michael Duek, Andrés Jeckeln, and Damián Salas. The text also mentions the previous winners of the event and the prize money earned by the participants. Overall, it offers a comprehensive overview of the tournament progress and the players involved.

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