Casino Mar del Plata: how much money is brought in by how many individuals?

Casino Mar del Plata: how much cash is brought in by how many people?

The president of Loteria y Casinos gave an interview to a local news outlet in which he detailed the Casa de Piedra’s great season.

Casino Mar del Plata: how much cash is brought in by how many people?

The summer season in Argentina’s resorts is a success in terms of visitor numbers, particularly in beach resorts. Obviously, this includes Mar del Plata, as well as the Casino Central, which is a must-see even for a brief visit or a cup of coffee.

Obviously, the majority of individuals opt to swap their cash for chips and wager on them, and this is how the Casa de Piedra receives millions of dollars everyday to confirm the success of this time of year. The head of the Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos, Omar Galdurralde, verified the sentence with numbers in an interview with La Capital de Mar del Plata.

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According to the institution’s data, roughly 10,000 people visit the business everyday, with the weekend high reaching 14,000 individuals. As for the collection, it was stated that the roulette and card tables (with a $100 minimum wager) bring in an average of 60 million pesos (US$ 315,000), to which must be added the money collected by the slot machines.

“We are really pleased with the casino’s activities and the season in general. It has beyond all expectations, the season is wonderful, and the casino is an added attraction to this magnificent city’s combination of a superb gastronomy corridor, shows, culture, and recreational opportunities “, remarked Galdurralde.

Lovely postcard of the casino in Mar del Plata

The official also said that “we worked more harder than in 2022” and that expectations for the season were “far surpassed.” “Because to the Covid-19 hangover, last summer was marked by capacity and hourly limits, but we did not anticipate that this year would run as well as it did. We are quite happy “he said.

Roberto Páez, the general secretary of the Trade Association of Casino Administration, Training, and Service Workers, told La Capital that the industry has had significant growth “a very excellent January” and said, “so far, this season is much better than the last. We anticipate that this year is 30 to 40 percent busier than the previous year “.

There are cities beyond Mar del Plata.

In this regard, it was also said that the casino of Necochea reopened in the middle of last month, and that the casino of Mar de Ajó is expected to reopen at the conclusion of the current season, which would be an important source of employment for the city and an additional tourist attraction.

Galdurralde said, “The plan is to maintain this investment program jointly between the government and the private sector in order to deliver a quality service.”

The gaming industry notably emphasized the “resurgence” of the activity after the pandemic, when it was one of the sectors worst impacted by the many limitations imposed to prevent infection. “We came from a complicated process, since the goal was to take care of the health of our community,” Galdurralde said, but he noted that since the end of the epidemic, they have had the “potential to expand in a vertiginous fashion,” and they are wagering that this will continue.

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