Belarussian Alexander Shilko was the winner of the 2023 PSPC Main Event.

During the night of the 3rd to 4th of February 2023, a new poker superstar from Belarus “lit up.” Alexander Shilko won $3,121,839 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Series Main Event following a deal in the top three.

Fresh hero.

After a three-year absence, the return of the series to the Bahamas drew many players from across the globe. At the competitions, members of the Russian-speaking community were able to distinguish themselves. Sergey Bagirov of Russia won the High-Low Omaha event, while Artur Martirosyan placed sixth in the $854,800 Super High Roller tournament.

Yet, the decisive win was won by an unknown representative of Belarus.

Alexander Shilko, age 26, won the PSPC Main Event and collected $3,121,839 in prize money.

This enabled the poker player to instantly ascend to third position on the list of live tournament wins for his nation. Only Nikita Bodiakovsky had before earned six figures among Belarusians.

This year’s $25,000 event had over a thousand submissions and earned $24,843,000 in prize money, which was divided among 175 participants.

Summary Table

Six players advanced to the fifth and final game day. There were no prominent figures among them. With nearly $5 million in prize money, Nacho Barbero was considered the most seasoned player. He began the final as the chip leader, with Alexander in second place.

Two hands were crucial for him before to the top three:

With 53 on the small blind and no open-raise from the Belarusian, the Argentina bet 5 million chips under the German’s shortstop. Nacho had no choice but to fold following Shilko’s flush.

Three hours later, with a significant loss on his stack, he doubled up in a thrilling AT-AK battle against the new leader, Filipe Pizzari. The river queen awarded our player the straight.

As Barbero finished in fourth place, the remaining three poker players agreed to an agreement that rewarded each of them nearly $2.5 million. The only remaining prizes were $300,000 and the championship title.


Max Menzel, Alexander’s opponent at this level, had previously only won about $100,000 in live Asian series on business travels.

Due to a hand in which both players had powerful combo cards, the one-on-one match was fairly short.

In a limp pot, the German player with J9 bet on the flop and turn, and his opponent called. On the river, a queen covered Menzel’s straight, and he was pleased to call the Belorussian’s flush. However, Shilko revealed a full house with T5, which Menzel was unable to call.

What is the identity of Alexander Shilko?

The poker player, age 26, started his online profession while attending the Minsk Institute of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Initially, he played cash games in Pokerdom, but he rapidly turned to tournaments and multirumping.

Mikhail Semin drew him to live poker, and in his first ever live series (BPT), he earned money four times and placed second twice.

Alexander continued his studies in Prague, where he has since attended local programs. He even placed fourth in the Main Event at one of them, the WSOPC, and won the largest cash prize to date of $106,780.

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    This text provides information about a poker tournament where Alexander Shilko from Belarus emerged as the winner, earning $3,121,839. It also mentions other notable players and highlights Shilko’s background and achievements in the game.

  • This text highlights the incredible success of Alexander Shilko, a young poker player from Belarus who won over $3 million in a major tournament. His journey from online poker to live tournaments and his background in informatics and radioelectronics make for a compelling story of talent and dedication in the poker world.

  • This text highlights Alexander Shilko’s impressive poker victory at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Series Main Event in 2023. It provides insight into his background and rise in the poker world, showcasing his success and potential as a rising star in the industry.

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