Artur Martirosian breaks the deadlock with Astedt and Addamo to win his sixth Super Million$, surpassing both of them.

Artur Martirosian [Image: PokerNews]

The GGPoker Super Million$ established a new milestone in its history by crowning its first six-time winner, Artur Martirosian of Russia, yesterday.

The curse of the sixth title has plagued the three players who shared the lead in the tournament’s victory standings for months.

In the early stages of GGpoker’s main event, Michael Addamo dominated. The Australian crack had three victories within six months, and by January 2022, he had already amassed five victories, a record that looked unprecedented at the time.

But, Addamo faced a formidable opponent in Niklas Astedt, a Swedish expert. Prior to “Lena900’s” victory in the Super Million$, Addamo already had four victories to his credit. Niklas won the tournament five times in less than a year and was ready to surpass Addamo on April 5, 2022. Artur Martirosian, who has been the most consistent of the group, was able to adjust at the last minute to Astedt’s miraculous speed, and it took him less than a month to seize the top three spots in the tournament’s palmares.

Hence was created the curse of the sixth title, which has resulted in months and months of ostracism for the three great historical Super Millon$ dominators. All three, but especially Astedt and Martirosian, had multiple chances to break the tie, but it wasn’t until yesterday that the Super Million$ once again had an unambiguous champion.

Martirosian had to leave opponents in terrific shape, as seen by Thomas Mühlocker’s final table streak, who also won the Pokerstars Titans Event this week.

The Austrian lost a half-stack with a three-bet against a straight and finished ninth as a consequence of a dreadful poor beat, his worst performance in the 14 final tables he has played in the second season over the previous 10 weeks.

At the table, there were no players unfamiliar to the spectators. Roman Romanvsky and Dominikas Mikolitis suffered the price as the momentum of the game, Matthew Stumpf and Martirosian’s aggressive bigstack play, punished the shortstacks. Yet this level of effort also allowed players like Eelis Parsinen to get many doubles via the Canadian player.

Stumpf held on as Lev Gottlieb dropped a cooler to Martirosian and then provided a short-stack masterclass to prevent Parssinen, spais411 and Martirosian from finishing the tournament on table three. His almost one-hour-long work was not monetarily rewarded, but it had a crucial impact on “spaise411” and Martirosian reaching a fully even HU with a 50bb effective stack.

The game could have lasted longer, but “spaise411,” who had not won a single hand since heads-up play started, attempted to steal a pot with a bluff on a highly loaded high card table. Martirosian used toppair and a blocker to break the curse of the sixth championship.

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  • This text discusses the GGPoker Super Million$ tournament and the achievement of Artur Martirosian becoming the first six-time winner. It also highlights the competition and challenges faced by Michael Addamo and Niklas Astedt in their pursuit of the sixth title.

  • This text discusses Artur Martirosian’s historic sixth win in the GGPoker Super Million$ tournament, breaking a curse that had plagued three top players. Martirosian’s strategic play and ability to adapt proved crucial in securing the victory against tough competition.

  • This text discusses Artur Martirosian becoming the first six-time winner of the GGPoker Super Million$ tournament, breaking the curse that had affected the top players in the tournament standings. Martirosian showcased exceptional skill and strategic gameplay to achieve this milestone.

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