A woman wins more than $1,500,000 at Harrah’s Resort Casino.

Numerous people have heard about the Christmas miracle, which inspires numerous astounding tales, some of which form the basis for numerous films.

And now, on Christmas Eve, a true miracle has occurred that will drastically alter the life of a New Jersey-based American poker player.

The fortunate player won a progressive jackpot worth more than $1.5 million at Harrah’s Resort Casino in Atlantic City.

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Thus, the fortunate winner of such a high prize, having wagered just $5, was able to win. As a consequence, the fortunate woman scored a record-breaking jackpot in the history of the gaming facility of $1,681,450.

According to the gaming establishment’s management, the lady is a loyal customer. On the delight of poker player even left a gratuity to the employees of the casino at $ 77,000, which was a little over 4% of the entire amount of her winnings.

This year has produced an abundance of record-breaking jackpots. Benjamin Flanagan, a senior citizen from West Virginia, won the largest prize in the history of offline poker in the United States, $1,226,000, in August.

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