A man stole a $25,000 chip from WSOP Circuit, went to the cashier to exchange it, and was barred from the casino.

Many security breaches occurred at the WSOP Circuit tournament at the Horseshoe Casino in the United States. During one of the pauses in the Mystery Bounty tournament, a guy entered the tournament area, proceeded to a table, and stole a $25,000 chip without being seen.

Francis Anderson, who was already unhappy with the casino, only uncovered the crime when he snapped a photo of his stack after the color up. For twenty-five minutes, the professional had to play with a reduced stack until the crime was proven.

Examining the surveillance cameras, the directors determined that the suspect attempted to swap the non-monetary chip for cash at one of the cash registers. He was recognized and prohibited from entering the Horseshoe.

Anderson urged on his Twitter account that other gamblers be as careful as he was.

“This is simply a reminder for anyone who color during breaks to always snap a photo of their stack before leaving the table. Particularly when championships are played in odd areas. I’m pleased that everything has been handled owing to my effort “On his Twitter account, Anderson posted.

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  • This text describes a security breach at the WSOP Circuit tournament where a person stole a $25,000 chip without being noticed. The incident was only discovered when a player, Francis Anderson, noticed the missing chip in a photo of his stack. Anderson emphasized the importance of being cautious and taking photos of one’s stack during breaks, especially in unfamiliar tournament areas.

  • It is concerning that security breaches happened at the WSOP Circuit tournament, as demonstrated by the incident that Francis Anderson experienced. It is wise advice to always be cautious and take photos of your stack to prevent theft during tournaments.

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